I have eaten at the Dickson restaurant a couple of times now, and have also eaten at the Manuka version. They have a pretty good variety of vegetarian pasta, risotto and pizza dishes. The veggie dishes are interspersed with the meat dishes but they are clearly identified on the menu – which makes for a nice change! We ate here with friends who are not vegetarian, but we all ended up ordering veggie meals after an interesting discussion about baby cows (ie veal). I had the ravioli con spinach, Martin had the veggie risotto, and our friends ordered gnocchi napolitana (which looked great, and I was disappointed that I hadn’t ordered this dish!) and gnocchi gorgonzola (which looked yummy, but I am not a fan of blue cheese!). We also had garlic bread and pesto bread – which are not so much breads as they are small pizzas with garlic and pesto toppings. It was all good, but the servings here are huge – there was no way I could finish my ravioli, especially after all that ‘bread’! I had promised myself that these reviews would only be about the food, but every time I have been here the service has been a little snooty, so I feel the need to comment. I don’t think this is the best Italian restaurant in Canberra, but it is pretty good.