Zen Yai

A large group of us went to dinner here, so it was good because I got to try quite a few dishes – some that I would definitely not have normally ordered. There is quite a good variety of vegetarian entrées (although mostly deep fried) such as curry puffs (no peas – yay!) and spring rolls, which we had, as well as some others, which we didn’t have and I can’t remember! There is quite a selection of veggie main meals and they were also happy to do a veggie version of pad thai – and I must say it is one of the better ones that I have had (I love pad thai!). Also on the table were a red veggie curry, a papaya salad and the vegetarian laab (usually made with chicken, but the veggie version is made with tofu). The curry and the laab were great, the papaya salad didn’t taste like papaya at all (so I quite liked it!) and was kind of spicy. I have had a veggie laab from another Thai restaurant in Canberra, but they chop the tofu into small pieces and deep fry it, so it is kind of rubbery and a bit weird to eat. The tofu in this laab was not deep fried first and it had just the right amount of chilli for me (which is a lot – I like my food spicy!). Since we are still looking for a new favourite Thai restaurant, we will go back and try it again – it is certainly high on the list of contenders!