This is the second time we have eaten here – since they opened they have been extremely busy and it was hard to get in! However, it is well worth booking a table a few days in advance if you want to eat here – the food is great! The first time we came here was with friends who didn’t mind going vegetarian for the night… and since you are able to order dishes as mains or sides, we decided to go for it and order all the vegetarian dishes (about 8) as sides and try everything. This was great as it let us sample a bit of everything. This time, it was just the two of us and we decided to have a vegetarian platter and leave it up to the chef… a fantastic idea as I have now decided that the spicy lentil dish is one of my favourites and I would not have ordered this straight from the menu (I guess some of the descriptions of the food are not quite as good as the actual food!). The platter also came with samples of two salads, lots of bread, and rice if we wanted it. We also ordered veggie samosa’s as an entrée – a huge amount of food really, but we managed to eat it all! As I said the spicy lentil dish is one of my favourites, as well as the pumpkin curry and vegetable curry, the chickpea cutlets are a little weird – it took a while to convince us that they were actually veggie when they arrived! We also got some take-away from here the following week – I think this will become one of our favourite restaurants!