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Matryoshka doll penguins



Another penguin that needs two pictures! These are Matryoshka doll penguins – although traditionally there are five in a set, this one only has four. They came from the Community Aid Abroad shop, and I thought that they were pretty unique, but a quick google search for ‘Matryoshka doll penguin’ reveals a surprising number of legitimate hits! Oh well, they are still some of my favourites in the collection!

Stacking penguins


This is a stacking penguin kids toy, made by Brio. We bought it half for the collection and half for Sebastian. Brio issued a voluntary recall on it as one of the penguin beaks may fall off if dropped and pose a choking hazard. So, now it is just for the collection.

Portland Tux


This is a version of Tux, the Linux mascot. It came from a market stall in Portland, Oregon. The story is that the woman who runs the stall had some other penguins that weren’t quite this cute, so GCC hacker (and renowned juggler) Janis Johnson, told her that she could use use the Tux design free of charge. So she did! And we bought one!