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Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight in Belconnen is Canberra’s oldest Turkish restaurant. We’ve been here a few times and the food is always excellent. We had an early dinner here the other night after some shopping nearby.

Though the banquets are listed as being for a minimum of 4 people, they were happy to do a vegetarian banquet for 2. They never seem to mind doing this. We also ordered an extra plate of humus for Sebastian. I think we had dinner banquet #2, which was an excellent amount of food. There was a lot of it but we didn’t feel as though we had overeaten when we were finished. Starters included a couple of dips (beetroot, eggplant), bread, borek and müçver. Mains included a small pide, some veggies with yoghurt, rice and a garden salad. There was also Imambayıldı eggplant – this was outstanding, with the eggplant cooked to perfection… nice and tender. There were 2 mixed desserts: Turkish delight, baklava and ice-cream with a nice berry sauce. The meal was finished with some apple tea.

An excellent meal. I can’t wait to go back.

Turkish Pide House Woden

Mel had a luncheon to attend, so Sebastian and I decided to have lunch together at the Turkish restaurant near where Mel would be lunching.  Sebastian had a plate of humus with Turkish bread.  I had a small mixed dip plate with humus (no, Sebastian wouldn’t shared his), eggplant  and chilli/walnut.  I also ordered some kabak mücver (deep fried zucchini balls).  The food arrived at the table very quickly.  Surprisingly the kabak weren’t incredibly hot – I suspect that they could not have been deep fried and cooled that much in the available time – but they were still tasty.  We both enjoyed our dips, although my tastes seem to have changed and these days I seem to find the chilli/walnut dip to be too oily, so I didn’t eat it all.  Although service has been a problem here in the past, it was good today and we were even offered extra bread without having to ask.

This isn’t the best Turkish food in Canberra – that would be either Turkish Delight in Belconnen or Turkish Halal Pide House in Yarralumla. However, if I am in Woden and I feel like Turkish food then I’d go back here for a tasty meal (we’ve also had the veggie banquet for 2 recently)… unless the service turns sour again.

Turkish Halal Pide House

Date: 2 February 2010

We discovered this place when having to spend a lot of time at John James Hospital. They do really good pides, amazing felafel rolls and the best baklava I have ever had (and I don’t really like baklava!). They also do really good borek, zucchini balls, mixed veggies and dips. We have eaten here and had take away a number of times and eaten a variety of things and the only thing I can complain about is the fact that they accidentally gave us a meat pide instead of the veggie one we ordered one time that we got take away. However, they sorted that out for us no problems! I think this is definitely some of the best Turkish food in Canberra at the moment!

Turkish Delight

This was the big dinner before the big gig! I really like this place – the food is amazing! There were four of us, so we ordered a vegetarian banquet. I just have to say that I have rarely seen so much food in my life! We had dips and bread, along with zucchini balls, vine leaves and stuffed mushrooms. Following that we had pides and salad. And just when we thought it was over, they brought out rice and veggies! And after that we would have got Turkish Delight and coffee (neither of which I eat anyway!), but we had to be off to set up the big gig! The food was great, the service is good (although we had to go to our second choice of wine as they had run out of our first choice), and the value for money on banquets is amazing!

Pide Hut – Lyneham

We got take away from here – it is not the usual place we go to for Turkish food, but we were really looking for pizza, and the pizza place was closed. We ordered dips – humous, tzaziki and carrot and bread. The humous was like paste and had a strange flavour – too much tahini I think. The bread and other dips were ok, but nothing special. We ordered two large pides – a super vegetarian and a mantarli (mushroom) with a bit of chilli. They were ok – certainly nothing to rave about, but I couldn’t eat any more after finding something very hard in one of the pieces I was eating. I spat it out and it appeared to be a small rock. I figured that was a bit of bad luck, but the next bite I took also had something hard in it, so I decided not to bother. Given that and the fact that they were nothing to rave about, we felt that it certainly wasn’t worth keeping the leftovers for a later lunch as we would normally do. I do like to try new places, but sometimes, it is good to stick with what you know is good – I’ll certainly be doing that with regard to Turkish food in the future…

Turkoise – Campbelltown, NSW

My parents are a bit excited that there is finally a Turkish restaurant near them – it means that don’t have to go all the way across Sydney for Turkish food. Martin disappeared early to finalise arrangements for his gig, so it was just the three of us for lunch. We ordered the Meze plate and the spring rolls and zucchini balls to share as an entree. The Meze plate said it came with three dips, but it also had some feta, a spring roll, a dolmade, some couscous salady stuff and a stuffed gherkin and bread. It was pretty good – the carrot dip was not the best that I have ever had, but the capsicum one and the humous were great. I am definitely not a fan of dolmades and I was also able to leave the stuffed gherkin. The spring rolls and zucchini balls were also pretty good, although the balls were more like fritters. I have to say that I am not sure that I have ever had (or even seen) Turkish spring rolls before, but I can live with that! For our mains we ordered a spinach and cheese pide and a super vegetarian pide. Pides come with a small amount of three different dips and salad. The pides were very hot and quite nice – I definitely preferred the spinach and cheese one to the super vegetarian. Overall, the food was pretty good. Unfortunately for them, I think that Martin and I had the best Turkish food we have had for a very long time a couple of weeks ago (see the review for Turkish Delight), so I had a very high standard for comparison!

Turkish Delight

We have seen this place numerous times and even checked the menu a few times, but for some reason we never actually went in to eat. This time, we bit the bullet (so to speak) and decided to try it. Let me say this from the start – the food was fantastic – it is probably the best Turkish food I have ever eaten. However, it is a bit on the expensive side, and don’t bother with the house red – it really isn’t that good! There were so many entrees that we wanted to try, so we did as the waitress suggested and went for the mixed entree and ordered a couple of extras as well. We also ordered one pide. In the mixed entree you get two dips – we chose carrot and a walnut and capsicum dip that we had never heard of before and they were fantastic! The walnut one was spicy and had a fabulous flavour that was totally unexpected. The carrot one was also better than others that we have had before. Also on the mixed entree we got the green bean and tomato dish (one of my favourites), potato salad, borek (feta and spinach pastry rolls) and zucchini balls. I must say that all of this food was amazing – the zucchini balls were obviously fresh – the were crispy on the outside and perfect on the inside. The potato salad was divine and the green beans were delicious! All in all, we were already impressed! We also ordered stuffed mushrooms and potato patties as our extra entrees and these were also great. The potato patties could have used a yoghurty type dressing, but they were delicious anyway. And just when I thought I was almost full, the pide arrived. It was a Mantarli (mushrooms, olives etc) – one we have had many times previously at other Turkish places, but there was a couple of differences. This one was ‘open’ which means it was more like a ‘normal’ pizza and it also had egg in it, so it made it kind of pie-like as well. It was fantastic. I would love to go back and try more of their pides, as well as getting into that walnut dip again!

Mecca Bah

Now, this is an interesting concept – a Turkish chain – it is new in Canberra and a lot of people I spoke to were keen to try it. This was a farewell lunch, so there was a group of almost 30 of us. Before I comment on the food, which was quite nice, I will comment on the way they treated us – because although this is usually about food, I always feel the need to comment when the service or the way we are treated is less than ideal! This restaurant does not do banquets (weird for a Turkish place, huh?!), and two different people rang them to find out if they could do a banquet-type thing and roughly how much it would cost people. They were both told that yes, they could do a banquet type thing and it would cost between $22-$25. Sounds reasonable, right? When we got there, they decided on the food and then came and told us it would cost $30, when told this was unacceptable due to the quote on the phone (twice), they recalculated, took some food away and told us $26.60, then stood there and argued over $1.60 times 30 people and slowly whittled away any good will that any of us were feeling! Anyway – the food! We had a variety of entrees – both meat and veggie (although I will only comment on the veggie ones) which included sweet potato felafels (yummy!), some balls made from Middle Eastern cheeses and covered in some weird pastry (really yummy!) and two different salads – fattoush – salad with bread and a rocket and beetroot salad (not being a fan of beetroot, I preferred the fattoush salad). The mains were a ‘variety’ of tangines (like a stew with couscous at the bottom) including a veggie one (hmmm, kind of average) and Turkish pizzas (although, they were open on the top and kind of small – also, they were not cut and came with a knife so we could do our own cutting – weird!). There were two veggie pizza’s – tomato, haloumi, parsley and eggplant – which was kind of nice and a bit spicy, and the roast pumpkin, chilli pomegranate jam and feta – which also came with a big pile of rocket on top (really yummy!). So, all in all, the food was quite nice, however I (and many others) were incredibly disappointed at the way we were treated. I’m not sure the food was good enough to negate that experience, so I am not sure I would bother going back…


This was a large organised function, so it is hard to comment on the menu as such, but the food we had was really, really good. Originally there was not much of an option for vegetarians, but a few extra things were added on request. We started with the usual dips and bread, followed by fried eggplant things, mushrooms and zucchini balls. The remainder were meaty but we got a veggie substitute – filo sticks filled with goats cheese. For our main there was more eggplant with a mix of onion, capsicum and roasted tomatoes on top. Not being a fan of eggplant all the time, I found this to be a bit too much eggplant and ate the topping with some rice and salad… Sadly we had to leave before dessert, but we ate more than enough food… We have been here once or twice before (when they were in Manuka) and have found it a bit difficult to eat, so it might be interesting to go back and see what veggie options (if any) are on the standard menu.


We eat from here a lot… mainly take away, we don’t eat in often… the pides (Turkish pizzas) are great. They have plenty of veggie options, I think all the entrée’s are veggie and there are a number of veggie pides. The dips and salady starter things are also vegetarian and are pretty good. I love the baba ganoush from here (an amazing thing considering I don’t really like eggplant), but I have to say the houmus is not one of my favourites, it has a funny taste to it. I really like the zucchini balls but they are deep fried, so we don’t have them very often. This time we were with friends so went for a banquet option which is easy when you don’t really want to have to pick things – conversation with friends is more fun than choosing what to eat sometimes! Beware, the banquets are huge, we only had the small one, but there was far too much food! The great thing was that, even though the banquets are meat based, they were happy to do 2 veggie banquets and 2 meat banquets and they came on separate plates so we didn’t have to worry about it being all mixed up…