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Three Mothers Thai

We always go out for dinner on Boxing Day, since it is our anniversary! We weren’t exactly in the mood for Thai food, but it seemed that a lot of other places were closed. As it turned out, the food was great, so we were definitely not disappointed! We had the Tawho Tod for entree and then vegetarian mussamun curry, stir fried bean curd with cashew nuts, and the vermicelli, shallots, egg and coriander. When we ate meat, mussamun curries used to be my favourite Thai dish – but I think it was actually more to do with the potato than the beef! So, it is always nice to see a veggie version – though they do vary greatly – some are far too meaty, but this one isn’t! The stir fried tofu with cashew nuts was also great – a little spicy – just the way I like it! The vermicelli dish was something we had never tried before, and it was different, but I don’t think it was something that I would order again – there were a lot of bean shoots in it, although they weren’t listed on the menu… Oh well, it is good to try new things!

Thai Ammarin

Well, I said that I wanted to try more food from this restaurant so, after a really hard day in the garden, I was leafing through the take away menus trying to find something that I felt like eating and that did home delivery and I came across their menu. And guess what – they deliver – well to some areas which luckily includes mine! We had spring rolls, a green veggie curry, the mixed veggies with garlic, chilli and basil and the spicy noodles. I actually ordered the tofu with garlic, chilli and basil, but wasn’t too disappointed with the veggies. The green curry was great – nice and spicy, but it did however contain peas (which I picked out!). The veggies were also good, and also quite spicy. In comparison to the two previous dishes – the spicy noodles were actually quite mild! Although it could be that our palates were already over-spiced and couldn’t cope with any more! Considering how good this food is – and it seems to be very consistent too, along with the fact that they deliver – this may well become the new favourite Thai restaurant!!

Thai Ammarin

Since I am on the look out for a new favourite Thai restaurant, I suggested that we try this place when we were organising dinner with some friends. We have eaten here a few times, and the food is always good, but for some reason, we haven’t really made it a regular haunt for Thai food. This time, however, I was particularly impressed with the food. Since our friends eat meat, they ordered their own meals and Martin and I shared, as usual. We started with the veggie spring rolls and they came out super hot (temperature wise, not chilli wise!). And they tasted good too. There were a number of mains that I wanted to try, but we managed to restrict ourselves to just two, and leave some to tempt us to return again soon! We ordered the red veggie curry and the tofu with chilli and basil. A red curry is pretty standard in Thai restaurants and therefore is a pretty good comparison tool… and this one was great – it was pretty spicy, had a good variety of non-soggy veggies (including peas unfortunately!), was the perfect creamy consistency and had all the appropriate curry and lime leaves to indicate that it was freshly made! The tofu with chilli and basil is a favourite of ours and is a dish that we order on a regular basis. And I have to say, this was a pretty good version! Lovely sauce and lots of lovely fresh basil. One of our friends ordered the meaty pad thai and it looked pretty good, so I am waiting to try the veggie version. They also had a dish called chilli noodles on the menu which I am also keen to try. We finished with my favourite Thai dessert, bananas in coconut milk – which was divine! Needless to say, we’ll be returning in the future… this place is definitely in the running for the title of my favourite Thai restaurant!

Thai Chiang Rai

I think I was a little disappointed by the food from here this time – it didn’t seem up to its usual standard. However, I was sick with the flu so, it is possible that I was not up to my usual standard! We had curry puffs (picking out the peas!), a red veggie curry, tofu with chilli and cashew nuts, and pad thai. The tofu with chilli and cashew nuts was the stand out dish this time. I am not a huge fan of their pad thai – they put a lot of extra veggies etc in it, whereas I prefer my pad thai to be mainly noodles and a lot of taste! I was also a little freaked out, because some of the egg in the pad thai looked a lot like bits of chicken – it was definitely egg though, I spent a bit of time double checking! In fact, it is possible that I might admire someone who can cook egg and make it look like chicken – that is quite a feat! As I said, it wasn’t bad, but I am still looking for a new favourite Thai restaurant!

Malai Thawang – Nelson Bay, NSW

We weren’t sure that we were going to be able to eat in Nelson Bay, but we figured Thai had to be a good option. They did have a reasonable selection of veggie dishes on the menu and from those we chose spring rolls, green curry and tofu with cashew nuts. Martin loved the green curry – which surprised me a little because it was incredibly creamy. The tofu with cashew nuts was just great – a great blend of flavours and turned out to be quite a large serving… The Cockfighters Ghost chardonnay that we drank with the meal was also fantastic and complimented all the food wonderfully… We were so full we couldn’t fit in any dessert – not a bad sign!

Rose Garden Thai Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We were a little wary of a Thai restaurant called Rose Garden, but as we were eating the restaurant filled up and we overheard people commenting that they knew the food was good and that is why they were eating there. We ordered our food, but hadn’t been given a wine list, so had to wait quite a while to order wine. They only had house wine by the glass, but when we asked what type of wine the house white was, we were told it was a merlot, and when we enquired about the house red, we were told that was a merlot too and that both were Italian… Since we both kind of doubted that the house white was a merlot, we opted for a glass of the red each despite the fact that we would have preferred a nice chardonnay with our curry! For our entree we ordered fresh veggie spring rolls, and fairly quickly some deep fried spring rolls appeared at the table – I enquired as to whether these were the fresh ones and the waitress muttered something about the wrong table and took them away. She returned a few minutes later with the fresh variety and apologised, saying the kitchen made a mistake… Following this we had ordered a red veggie curry and a veggie pad thai. Both were delicious. The red curry was nice and flavoursome without being too hot, and the pad thai is one of the best pad thai dishes I think I have ever eaten! Given the trouble we had ordering wine and the trouble the ladies at the next table had ordering dessert, we decided to skip dessert and head back to the hotel. The food was good, and there was a good variety of veggie dishes and by the time we had finished the restaurant was half full – on a Thursday night… definitely a sign of something good!

Three Mothers Thai

This was a take away experience, and it was every bit as good as the experience we had when we ate in a couple of weeks ago! We skipped an entree this time and ordered 3 main dishes instead, a red veggie curry, tofu with basil and chilli and a vegetarian pad thai (which was not on the menu, but they were happy to make it up for us). The food was great! I think the tofu with basil and chilli was one of the best versions if this I have ever eaten! I commented to Martin that I could eat a whole serve of that by myself! The red curry was also good, not too hot and full of veggies. The veggie pad thai was also good, not too many extra veggies (as I have commented before that I am not a fan of that), but sadly they were a little heavy handed on the bean sprouts and the sauce was the smallest bit bland… It would be nice if they had a couple of vegetarian noodle dishes on the menu, instead of having to ask them to adapt a meat based one, but the food is great and we will definitely go back!!

Three Mothers Thai

We have been going to try this place a few times, but I have always held back because I thought it was run by the same people who run Two Sisters. However, Martin told me that he thinks they are run by different people, so we decided to try it before we saw Tap Dogs. And I am so glad we did – the food was great. I can’t wait to go back and try some more dishes from their enormous vegetarian selection… This restaurant might just be my new favourite Thai place! The only disappointment is that there is only one vegetarian entrée on the menu – Tawhu Tord (deep fried tofu with satay sauce). It was pretty good, but I do like Thai veggie spring rolls and curry puffs. There are almost 30 vegetarian main meals on the menu, so we had a bit of trouble deciding what the second dish would be. Of course the first choice was always going to be Gaeng Mussamum Mun (Mussamun potato curry) which was really good and very tasty. I am keen to try a different curry next time – maybe a red or green – because no matter how good a veggie mussamun curry is, it always reminds me a bit of the meat version! While there is a lot of fairly standard veggie dishes on the menu, we decided to try something that is probably not authentically Thai – Paad Ped Ka Chai Tawhu (spicy fried beancurd with beans, zucchini, capsicum, basil and ka chai). And it tasted really, really good. The other thing that impressed us was the presentation of the food. The minute it hit the table, it looked so good on the plates that my mouth started watering! We considered dessert, but the only thing they had was ‘Iced shape’ (pineapples, water chestnuts, black jelly and palm seeds in syrup and crushed ice) – sticky rice was off the menu because mangoes are not in season. What I really wanted though was bananas in coconut milk – sadly not even on the menu… If only they could expand the entrée and dessert sections to be as varied as the vegetarian main meals, then I would be very happy indeed! The other thing I wanted to comment on was the service – the food was obviously cooked freshly and quickly and it was on our table within minutes… Also there was only one waitress and the restaurant was more than half full, and she did an excellent job of seating people, taking orders, bringing food out, clearing tables and accepting bill payments… We’ll definitely be going back!

Thai Ammarin

We have eaten from here a few times, this time it was takeaway to remind ourselves of what they are like. Martin ordered and picked it up, so what we were actually eating was a bit of a surprise, but it was nothing too out of the ordinary! We had a green curry, a stir fry and a pad thai. The green curry was great, nice and spicy but not too hot, the stir fry was good, but not incredibly memorable. The pad thai was good, but it had a lot of extra veggies in it, I prefer pad thai’s to be simple and full of lots of noodles and flavour. All in all, pretty good food, but I am not sure this is the new favourite Thai restaurant… the search continues!

Two Sisters

We normally only get food from here when we simply cannot be bothered to go out and pick something up. However, we discovered last night that they no longer home deliver. We ordered from them anyway because going out to get it was less work than deciding where else to order from. In the past their food has been extremely inconsistent – one of their curries was once so hot that Martin simply couldn’t eat it, other times they have been particularly mild. Last night was no exception. The red curry was quite spicy and hot and also quite oily, the Pad Thai was average, when in the past it has been quite good. The tofu and veggies with cashew nuts were pretty good as were the spring rolls (although Martin thought they had a funny flavour). Since they no longer home deliver, I doubt that we will be ordering from them in the future… However, this food did help me to decide that we now must go on a quest to find the best and reasonably priced Thai food in Canberra… Watch this space for the results!