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Siam House – Sydney, NSW

We (Mel, Sebastain, Mel’s parents, me) went to see a show at the Capitol Theatre yesterday so we checked out the nearby restaurants, which were mostly Thai – we can always feed Sebastian at a Thai restaurant.  A couple had virtually no veggie food on the menu.  However, Siam House offered a “vegetarian/tofu” option at the top of their lists of stir fries, curries and noodles so we decided to give it a try.

For starters we had spring rolls (apparently veggie by default, 4 not the 2 listed on their web site) and satay tofu (not 2 skewers but a plate of deep-fried tofu with excellent peanut sauce).  These were unsurprising but very pleasant.  Mel’s parents had some squid and I heard no complaints.

For mains we had a green curry, pad Thai  and 2 stir fries: cashew nut sauce and  satay sauce.  Mel’s parent also had a pork dish.  The green curry was creamy and mellow – very nice.  A green curry with enough bite to nearly take your head off can also be nice, but this wasn’t one of those.  The pad Thai  and stir fries provided a nice range of flavours.  They were all excellently done and came in huge servings.

Siam House does an excellent range of vegetarian food.  There’s nothing surprising or innovative here.  Just good, tasty Thai food.  I’d certainly go back…

Thai Cornar

We hadn’t been to this strangely named place in Manuka for years.  Today we had lunch there with Mel’s parents, who tend to have a veggie dish and a meat dish.

Our entrée was curry puffs and they were pretty good.  The mains were a red curry, stir fry with cashew nuts, a spicy noodle dish (the name escapes me), stir fry with peanut sauce – and the meat dish was chicken with garlic and pepper.  All the veggie dishes were lovely.  There was a nice variety of flavours, a nice selection of veggies and a decent amount of sliced bean curd in each dish.  I’d recommend all of the dishes we had, provided my descriptions are good enough to help find them on the menu!

Thai Cornar used to be OK but now I think it is very good.  As I was paying I asked the guy who served us if it was his restaurant and he said it was.  He took it over nearly 5 years ago.  He also runs Zen Yai in Civic, which has also provided us with some nice meals.  We’ll definitely go back… but it might be hard to drag Sebastian past Kopi Tiam to get there, since they’re only a few doors apart.  🙂

Rice Tapas Bar & Restaurant

We’ve been here a few times for dinner and have always found both the food and service to be very good. However, customer turnover has seemed very slow, leaving us wondering how they survive. Today Mel and I discovered that they’re much busier over lunch. That said, the service was still good.

We ordered from the lunch menu: a chilli & basil stir-fry and a Penang curry. Both were tofu & veggie dishes and they came with rice. Although the serving sizes were smaller than the standard servings – the curry was particularly light on content – it was a reasonable amount of food for lunch and nicely priced at under $10 a plate. Both dishes were delicious.

Rice consistently serves some of the better Thai food we’ve had over the years in Canberra and the prices on the lunch menu make it even more appealing.

Thai Garden

We have been to this place in Dickson a few times over the years. It has never particularly excited us and today’s lunch was no different. We had curry puffs and spring rolls for starters. The curry puffs were excellent – great flavours and just the right amount of crispness. The spring rolls were pretty good too but not exceptional. For mains we had a Panang curry and stir fried tofu with veggies, garlic, chilli and basil. The curry was fantastic – one of the better Panang curries I’ve had. However, the stir fried tofu was missing something. It had enough chilli and a reasonable amount of basil but it was lacking in flavour. This is usually one of my favourite dishes but sadly this wasn’t among the best I’ve had.

An OK lunch with 2 excellent dishes but the stir fried tofu let the meal down.

Suwannee’s Thai Kitchen Restaurant – Goulburn, NSW

Date: 18 July 2010

We have driven along the main street of Goulburn a couple of times in the past looking for somewhere to eat – this place has never been open, however, this time it was, so we decided to try it. This was a very quick dinner on a Sunday night after a day trip to Sydney. We were the only people in the restaurant although there were quite a few takeaway orders as we ate. We ordered veggie spring rolls, stir fried veggies and tofu with basil and chilli and a veggie panang curry, along with steamed rice. The food was great. The curry was creamy with the right amount of chilli. The basil and chilli dish had a nice bite to it without being overly hot. The spring rolls were good, but the dipping sauce made them – it was thick and spicy and kind of fruity – not really like any other dipping sauce that has come with spring rolls. The food came quickly and the service was friendly! Would we eat here again? Definitely!

Three Mothers Thai

A group of us were going to see the John Butler Trio and we needed to eat first, so we decided on this place! Martin and I eat their food a lot (mainly takeaway), so we were happy! The table shared the dishes and there was about half meat and half veggie dishes – one that Martin and I hadn’t had before. We had veggie pad thai, potato curry, bean curd with chilli and cashew nuts and satay bean curd. We haven’t had the satay bean curd before and it was really nice. Of course, we have eaten the other three many times and they were delicious as always! My only complaint about this place is the lack of veggie entrées – they have one – deep fried tofu pieces that come with satay dipping sauce, but that gets a little boring after a while! We’ll definitely keep eating here!

Thai Hanoi – Dunedin, New Zealand

It was late, we were exhausted and starving, and this was the first place we came across that was open, so we decided to eat here. Having said that, I would go back here in a second – the food was fantastic! There were a decent number of veggie options, but nothing too unusual, and nothing that we hadn’t seen before, so we went with things we knew we liked. We ordered chilli and basil veggies, tofu penang curry and pad thai, along with a couple of glasses of New Zealand wine (a Church Road Merlot Cabernet and a Sanctuary Pinot Gris). The dishes were larger than we thought and we were not able to finish the pad thai, which was delicious – perfectly cooked noodles with a delicious sauce and no extra veggies! The chilli and basil veggies had the perfect amount of chilli and the veggies were perfectly cooked. The tofu penang curry was also great with a stack of extra veggie in there as well as tofu. The curry sauce was nicely spiced and smooth, coconutty and creamy. As I said, I would eat here again in a second – so if you are in Dunedin and want good Thai food – then check it out!

Thai Cornar

This was a quick lunch after a hair cut. It was a little strange because we were the only customers here, but the other restaurants close by were quite busy! Anyway, we had the red veggie curry and the stir fried tofu with chilli and basil. Both dishes were pretty good, and they are a little inventive with the sorts of veggies that they use – eggplant, pumpkin – I am sure that these are not traditionally used in Thai cooking! It is pretty good food, but it definitely is not my most favourite Thai restaurant!

Three Mothers Thai

I think it is fairly clear that we like this place! And, since there are so many veggie dishes on the menu, I have been making a conscious effort to try at least one different dish each time we eat here. This time we had the veggie mussamun curry (one of my favourites!), spicy fried beancurd with beans, zucchini, capsicum, basil and ka chai and the new one was steamed beancurd with chilli paste and coconut milk. I was a little disappointed with the beancurd with beans, zucchini etc – it seemed to have a slightly funny flavour this time, but I really enjoyed the new dish. It was spicy and had a great flavour. It wasn’t overly coconut milky, and I am not usually a fan of the soft and squishy steamed beancurd, but this was really nice. Definitely good for a change!

Three Mothers Thai

We had a bit of trouble finding a restaurant that was open on New Year’s Eve and, believe me, we tried. We had been painting all day, so we really wanted something that would be delivered, however, we had to make do with take away that we picked up. It didn’t matter that much – as long as I didn’t have to cook! We tried to order things that were quite different to what we ate here the other night, so we had the red curry, veggie pad thai and spicy fried tofu with capsicum, baby corn and carrot. As usual the food was great, I really liked the spicy fried tofu dish – it was something different to what we would normally order. The red curry was also good, but I find their pad thai a little bland… I think I will definitely continue to try some of the different dishes on the menu – they are proving to be worthwhile!