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Dux de Lux – Queenstown, New Zealand

When our friends suggested we eat here we jumped at the chance because they said it was vegetarian. When I realised it was seafood and vegetarian, I have to admit that I was pretty sceptical! There was a lot more seafood than vegetarian on the menu, but I guess at least they tried! I had the warm lux salad and Martin had the ravioli, our friends had fish and ravioli. We also had a couple of local beers – which I can not for the life of me remember what they were called – all I can remember is that I couldn’t pronounce the name of the one Martin ordered! The warm lux salad was pretty nice – it was salady type ingredients with warmed veggies on top. I did pick off the bean sprouts, but apart from that – delicious. I can’t remember what came on the ravioli, it could have been pesto – it was pretty good, but certainly not fantastic! We also shared some garlic bread as an entrée which was quite nice too. This place is certainly not a fantastic vegetarian restaurant – but it also wasn’t terrible.