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Sadaf – San Diego, California, USA

We came across this place after deciding we didn’t want to wait for a table at the Hard Rock Cafe! I think we have only eaten Persian food once before, and we thought it was pretty good. This place had quite a few vegetarian options, although they mostly contained eggplant, but a couple didn’t. We started with a combination entree – we got to pick any 3 entree of the menu and they came out on a single plate – it worked out cheaper to do this. We picked an eggplant dip, a spinach dip and a brie dish (I am not going to attempt to put in the actual names of the dishes because I didn’t write them down and there is no way I would get them right!). However, as the waiter/owner (?) was pouring our wine, he told us he really didn’t want to serve us the brie dish because it wasn’t fresh. I was really disappointed, however, we decided on the grilled mushrooms instead. It was all really good, while eggplant is not my favourite thing in the whole world, the eggplant dip was pretty good. Both it and the spinach dip came with a dollop of yoghurt on top and to be honest, the eggplant dip was a little strong when the yoghurt ran out. The grilled mushroom were great – nicely spiced and perfectly grilled… For mains, Martin chose a tomato based stew with lentils and eggplant, which was pretty tasty (except for the large chunks of eggplant at the bottom of it!). I chose vegetable skewers, preferring to skip more eggplant, and was a little disappointed when it arrived as it only contained onion, capsicum and tomato – I expected a little more variety. Both dishes came with rice and a spicy onion mix. I left quite a bit of onion on my plate – no point having onion breath for the rest of the trip! Martin also chose a bottle of local chardonnay, which was a little on the expensive side, but very nice – better when it had been sitting in the glass for a while instead of chilled in the ice. Without the wine, it would have been a reasonably priced meal, and the food was pretty good – one to check out if you have time!