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Mad Mex

Lunch at the Qantas domestic terminal before a flight with Mel and Sebastian. We decided to try this Mexican fast food place. I had a burrito, which was not among the best I have had. Sebastian had nachitos (i.e. nachos from the kids menu). It had unmelted cheese,  liquid sour cream, prefab nacho cheesy goo and guacamole. Sebastian ate some and then decided that it wasn’t very good. Mel had a quesadilla, which she said was OK.

There are quite a few other places to eat at this terminal…

Guzman y Gomez

This is a fast food place that offers good Mexican food. I had lunch there on Wednesday with Mel and her Dad. Mel had veggie nachos, her Dad had a spicy chicken burrito (yeah, not veggie) and I had a veggie burrito. The food was out within minutes, as you would expect at a place like this. The food was and excellent, especially when spiced up a bit with some salsa from the condiment station. Worth trying… several times… 🙂

Francisco’s Mexican Cantina

Date: 28 March 2010

We have eaten at Francisco’s a few times and it is really good food. It is kind of a funny place – sitting out in the middle of an arcade, but the food is really good! They have a pretty good selection of veggie dishes and I have yet to eat something here that I haven’t liked. Both times recently I have had the same thing off the specials menu because it is just so good (but I can’t remember the name of it! It is kind of a Quesadilla type thing…). We have also had the red salsa and layered Mexican dip for entree’s – yum! In the past we’ve had the burritos, enchilada and tostadas – all delicious… Just writing about it makes my mouth water – definitely time to head back for more delicious food!

Sombreros – Queenstown, New Zealand

We found this place by accident, and when Martin suggested we eat here I jumped at the chance Рmaybe I was craving Mexican food, maybe I just felt like something different, maybe I was craving a bit of chilli, or maybe it was a mixture of all three! We ordered a small jug of standard margaritas along with the mixed entradas (is that really Mexican for entr̩e!?!) to start. The entradas consisted of corn chips with three different dips Рsalsa, guacamole and holy frijoles (bean and cheese). We were asked whether we wanted our salsa mild, medium and hot, and without even thinking about it, we both said hot Рsame for our mains! The dips were great and the corn chips were really, really good. Martin ordered a bean and a vegetable enchilada, while I had my old favourite Рvegetarian fajitas. These meals were huge! And my slight annoyance at the waitress who took away our close to finished entr̩e saying that we should leave room for our mains disappeared! The food was great Рthe fajita mix was delicious, but included big chunks of garlic that I tried to avoid! Of course, neither of us managed to completely finish our mains and there was no way that we were going to be able to fit in dessert! I love Mexican food and this place did not disappoint me!


If you read veggie bites regularly then you’ll know that I am a fan of Mexican/Tex-Mex food and that I think Montezuma’s is pretty good! We started with the combination dips again (man, call us boring but they are great!) and requested extra corn chips when we ran out! Since I wasn’t overly excited by my choice of main meal last time, I spent a little more time reading the menu. And after actually eating, I have figured out how the menu works! I have been ordering things that I think are probably classified as entrées. Maybe this is not a bad thing, but it is not completely clear from the menu that these meals are smaller than the others unless you are looking at the prices! This time I ordered the picadillo (beans and almonds and sultanas) tostada – which was very yummy, but not overly big. Whereas everyone else’s meals were huge… I felt a little left out, but I think my tummy thanked me later. We also ordered sides of sour cream and guacamole – because, even though I think they are a con, no Mexican meal is the same without them! Martin claimed not to be able to fit in dessert, however then changed his mind since it took them a while to actually take our order. We all had mousse – mainly chocolate although someone was adventurous and tried the mango – I believe it was a disappointment… gotta stick with the favourites… Of course, we washed it all down with the obligatory couple of jugs of margarita’s which we all agreed are just like drinking cordial!

La Salsa – San Diego, California, USA

We were on our way to a concert and had started to run out of time for dinner, so we were looking for somewhere fairly quick. La Salsa is a fast food chain-type thing, that does Mexican food. They also serve frozen tequila margaritas!! Your order also comes with corn chips and you can pick your own salsa to dip them in from the salsa bar – which has a variety of different salsa’s to choose from, ranging from mild to very hot! Well, I tried the very hot and it wasn’t really very hot… but the warnings about not putting your fingers in your eyes if you get the salsa on your fingers might still be valid! Martin went for the California burrito with black beans, while I went for the classic Quessadilla. Mine was basically a tortilla filled with cheeses and grilled, but it came with some sour cream, guacamole, lettuce and chopped tomatoes so that jazzed it up a bit. Martin said his burrito was pretty good. We both had the tequila margarita’s which were so cold that we couldn’t finish them in the small amount of time we had… This place is not bad for fast food – certainly a far better option than some of the other fast food places! And I think there is one at the international departures area of LAX – so if you are waiting for a flight and are hungry – check it out!

Magpie and Stump – Banff, Alberta, Canada

This is a Tex-Mex place – something I have been craving since Martin got to America and started telling me that he had been eating Tex-Mex food… Doesn’t sound like the name of a Tex-Mex place, huh? Don’t let it put you off – the food was great… and the servings were huge – you have been warned! We started with the Chilli con Queso – a cheesy dip with lots of corn chips – it was great… I am going to have to find a recipe for this… Following this Martin went for the vegetarian soft tacos and I had the cheese and veggie chimi changa’s, we also ordered a side of Mel’s red death because the menu said all the meals came mild and we were in the mood for hot! The meals also came with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato and sour cream. The food was great, although on first taste Mel’s red death sauce was pretty hot, however after a couple more tastes, it wasn’t as hot as we thought and we ate most of it… We washed all this down with a couple of local beers – Martin recommends the Grizzly Paw Rutting Elk, however, I preferred the Sleeman’s Honey Brown… either way, it all went together well…


Montezuma’s is always a good place to go for a few margaritas and dinner before heading to a show at the Canberra Theatre or the Playhouse – which is what we were doing on this night! When we arrived we were informed that they have a new menu with 31 mains to choose from. This is all very good, however, I think that maybe that amount of choice is a little too extensive! Thank goodness I don’t eat meat, or I might still be sitting there trying to decide what to have! On top of that, the font used for the menu makes it very hard to scan the dishes and what is in them, so you have to read everything in depth to figure out if it is a possibility or not! We started with the dip combination, which we ordered and ate while we were still trying to decide on mains. The dips were good as always, however extra corn chips would not have gone astray, especially since we ended up with quite a few small broken bits on the plate which you were lucky to be able to pick up, let alone dip in something… We finally decided on our mains and they arrived fairly quickly… I had the vegetarian Montezuma’s Delight, while Martin had the ‘San Diego’ – two different types of vegetarian enchiladas. Our friends ordered meat based burritos and enchiladas I think. We were told at the beginning of the meal that sour cream, guacamole etc does not come with any of the main meals unless specified, so we also ordered a side order of guacamole. I have to say, I think this is a con – especially since most of the sides were a minimum of about $4 each – it seems to be purely a money making exercise! Anyway, I was surprised when our mains arrived, I expected mine to be bigger, however, as I was eating I realised that there was no way I could have eaten it if it was! The menu said it came with salad – which turned out to be mainly raw brocoli, cauliflower and red cabbage chopped up finely. It was nice, but probably not something I would order again (which would mean that I would have to spend more time reading the menu!!). Martin said his was a bit on the oily side, and I have to say I would agree with him… We finished with some desserts – chocolate mousse (not very Mexican I know!), Mexican date cake (which looked delicious!) and Mexican flan (which wasn’t really Mexican and looked like it was one of those creme caramels that you can buy from the supermarket slopped messily onto a plate (with a big chunk that had fallen out) with some nuts and honey or something drizzled over the top). We also had a couple of jugs of lemon margaritas – what can I say – these are always good!


I love Mexican and Tex-Mex food – Montezuma’s is one of only a few such places in Canberra, and it is pretty good. We have been here quite a few times and they have a good selection of vegetarian dishes on the menu, so there is plenty of choice for us veggies! The mixed dip combo as an entrée is great, especially if you are sharing with friends as we were… I was bold this time and had the hard tacos. I usually avoid this dish as I like my tacos a certain way – not too sloppy, and with enough cheese and lettuce to keep it all together – and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised… They didn’t fall apart and they weren’t sloppy! And I didn’t hear too many complaints from my fellow diners who were having veggie and chicken burritos. Of course, a bonus here is the jugs of flavoured margaritas (of which we had two), and happy hour makes it even cheaper! And the chocolate mouse for desert was certainly not Mexican or Tex-Mex, but was a perfect finish to the meal!