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Hang A Ri Kimchi

Date: 26 December 2009

We decided to go out for lunch for our anniversary instead of dinner, and there wasn’t a whole lot of choice – especially since we decided not to do battle with the crowds in Civic!

We decided that we would try this Korean place in Dickson. We have had Korean food once before and it was very good, so we had reasonably high expectations. They were very helpful in getting a high chair for us, but quite slow on getting our water, however the food arrived reasonably quickly. We ordered steamed dumplings for our entree, and Dolsot-bibimbab and a vegetable pancake for our mains. A number of side dishes and sauces were also placed on our table, although no-one explained what they actually were… we were just told that they were side dishes… The dumplings were ok – Martin liked them more than I did! The dolsot-bibimbab is an interesting dish – it is rice, vegetables etc with an egg on top and comes in a hot stone pot – you stir it up and add hot chilli sauce and eat away. Everything continues to cook and the rice gets that lovely crunchy crust to it. However, I have to say they highlight of the meal was the vegetable pancake – it looked like a small pizza and it was utterly delicious!

Overall, not bad, but I think the place in Dunedin was better!

Seoul Restaurant – Dunedin, New Zealand

We walked for ages trying to decide what we wanted to eat – nothing really appealed to us. Martin had eaten here before, and guaranteed me that there were decent veggie options. I finally agreed and we went in and asked for a table. The restaurant was packed – with all three of the empty tables already reserved (as it turns out – they were for a large (& rather interesting) group). A table for six was being vacated and it was offered to us, although they changed their minds when a group of five followed us in, and they offered us a smaller table which was about to be empty. We had just ordered when another family of 10 arrived and we were asked to move to yet another smaller table and it was at this point at 7:30 at night, that they decided to put the closed sign up, instead of staying open until 9pm as specified! The restaurant was packed – there was food being run around everywhere and the poor waitresses did a fantastic job of keeping everyone happy! Speaking of food – we ordered the vegetable Dolsot Bibimap and the vegetable Jab Chae (sweet potato noodles). The Dolsot was a rice based dish and came in a hot cast iron bowl. The rice was on the bottom and there were sliced up veggies and egg white beautifully arranged on top, along with some spicy sauce and the egg yolk. The idea of this dish is that you mix it all together and you get a fried rice type of thing, with the heat of the bowl and the rice cooking the egg yolks as they are mixed in. It was delicious – absolutely delicious. The Jab Chae was also yummy, but just the slightest bit peppery for me. I would eat here again in an instant, and would definitely recommend it – but make sure you get in early!