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La Capanna

We always end up here for lunch when I have a hairdresser’s appointment, which must mean the food is pretty good. But it happens to be one of the only places open Saturdays at lunchtime that we know has a decent variety of veggie food. Now my standard favourite here is spaghetti aglio olio (spaghetti with olive oil and chilli), however, it looks like they have removed it from the menu (maybe I was the only person who ever ordered it and once every 6 or so weeks is just not enough to keep it on the menu!). I am very sad about this as even though there are a few other vegetarian pasta options none of them really appeal to me. So this time we had pizza, and there are quite a few vegetarian toppings to chose from – this time we went for half vegetarian and half asparagus. We have had pizza before and they are a fairly cheesy affair, but the base is good… I was pretty disappointed this time though, as I would have expected that the asparagus would have been fresh, not from a tin (especially when that topping is slightly more expensive that the others). Maybe, when I have my next haircut, it is time to check out something different in Kingston!

Mama’s Trattoria

We often eat here if we are in the middle of Canberra – I love their food. This time it was lunch with friends after the End the Lies Rally… well we left the rally a little early, but sat outside so we could still hear what was going on… On a sunny day it is fantastic to sit outside at this restaurant and have the great food and watch the world pass by! I always order the same dish here – penne arabiatta – it is not as hot as some other arabiattas I have had, but it is really, really good! They do have a good variety of other veggie pasta dishes, as well as some frittata and omelette type things. Every time I decide to try something different, Martin always wants to order the same dish I want to try, so I stick with my favourite and just taste his – so far it has all been good. They also do a really good hot chocolate and the deserts are yummy (although we don’t eat them often!). Definitely one of my favourite places…


(This restaurant is listed as Italian on City Search – however, I would have called it more modern Australian/European type food.)

We went here to celebrate with some friends of ours who got engaged. I have been here once before, years ago for a xmas party and we had a set menu, so I was keen to see what they had on the actual menu. Veggie wise, it wasn’t too bad – especially if you like mushrooms… There were 2 veggie entrées (a portabello mushroom and a cauliflower soup) and 2 veggie mains (mushroom risotto and pumpkin (?) ravioli with a sage and burnt butter ‘sauce’). You could have the mains as an entrée – but that would severely limit your main course choices if you are vegetarian! The food was great! The servings were not huge, but that was good because it left room for desert! Martin went for mushrooms all the way, but I had the alternatives and the ravioli was fantastic! At first I thought it would be expensive, but at the end of the night, between 5 of us and including 2 bottles of wine, I think it was very reasonable.