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Timberwolf – Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Since the food here was pretty good, and we had so much trouble trying to find decent veggie food in Jasper, we headed back to Lake Louise to spend the night because we knew we could eat here… We didn’t really try anything too different to last time – because we knew it was good. Again we had the cheesy garlic bread – which wasn’t quite as good as last time… but since our mains were also a little different, we put it down to being a different chef that night! We also ordered a Greek salad, which was ok but, as I have discovered previously, North American olives have no taste. There was a time when this would have made me happy and I would have eaten all the olives because they had no taste – however, now that I actually like olives, I really, really want them to have that strong olivey taste… I am going to give up ordering things with olives in them – it is just too disappointing… Martin went for the penne with Italian tomato sauce and roasted veggies, while I ordered the linguini with rose sauce and roasted veggies. Both dishes were delicious, although the ‘roasted’ veggies were not really roasted! We washed all this down with a couple of glasses of red wine – not the overly expensive Australian wine that was on the menu though! We decided to skip dessert, but couldn’t go past the hot chocolates – Martin went for the hot chocolate supreme which contained amaretto, while I had the Caribbean hot chocolate which contained Malibu… Mmmmm, I have discovered a new use for alcohol – putting it in hot chocolate… thank goodness there will be a little bit of winter left when we get home for me to experiment with this idea!

Timberwolf – Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

We had dinner here after a long day checking out the sights around Lake Louise, so needless to say, we were pretty hungry! We started with the garlic cheese bread and a garden salad. The bread was great – lots of garlic and lots of cheese… The salad was also good, but being a tomato lover, it would have been nice if there were more than 2 small pieces of tomato in it. For mains, Martin ordered fettuccine with basil and garlic pesto and I ordered spaghetti with rose sauce, after discovering that is was a creamy tomato type sauce. The servings didn’t look huge when they arrived but, as you ate, you realised how much was actually on your plate. They also came with more garlic bread (although sadly, not the cheese variety!). And we washed it all down with a glass of local chardonnay, which smelled better than it tasted, but it wasn’t bad! Martin had already decided that he was going to order dessert, and at some point I decided that I was probably full enough to not bother, but I was going to try the Caribbean hot chocolate (hot chocolate with coconut rum). However, the waitress was a little slow coming to take our dessert order and the chocolate brownies were calling my name, so when she did come and take our order, the words ‘chocolate brownies’ just came out of my mouth! When they arrived, they were huge – 2 large triangles, where if you put them together they would have been the size of a large piece of bread. This meant, of course, that Martin had to eat one of them, because there was no way I could have eaten them all! Martin did manage to fit one in, though, along with his vanilla panacotta, which he declared was delicious!

Pizza la Fetta – Cannon Beach, Portland, Oregon, USA

We were wandering down the main street at Cannon Beach, checking out the shops and restaurants to see what veggie meals were on offer, when we smelt this place… Martin doesn’t usually like pizza much, but this place just smelt so good that even he wanted to eat there – in fact he convinced the rest of us that we should eat there… The food was great! We shared a half serve of Greek salad – thank goodness it was a half serve because it was huge! And it was a good salad, except for the raw mushrooms, which I don’t particularly like… The pizza was also huge – but we managed to eat it all! We had half Mediterranean and half Montrachet, not realising that Montrachet was goat’s cheese (which Martin doesn’t like). However, I didn’t find it too strong and Martin was able to remove it from his slices. The Mediterranean side was great – although I have noticed something about American olives, both in this place and in something I had at an airport – they have no taste… which is quite disappointing… I also tried a local beer and it was really good, but I can’t remember the name of it – it was the second one on the menu if you are planning on heading there any time soon! Anyway – the only disappointing thing about this meal was that we ended up sitting at different tables to our friends – we were at the next table and they were pretty close, but sometimes that just isn’t enough…


The purpose of dining here was really just to line our stomachs before heading to a bar for a number of cocktails! The food is pretty good here – standard pizza and pasta – nothing incredibly special though. I had the penne arrabiatta (my usual) – it is not the best arrabiatta I have ever had, but it was pretty good. Martin had spaghetti ortolana which he thought was pretty good as well. The main sized servings here are huge and incredibly hard to get through, especially if you have also had some bread… If I wanted really good Italian food, then I would head somewhere else, but this place is good for a quick, decent meal and their pizzas are good to take away too…


This was a farewell lunch for a colleague and I have mentioned before that I have eaten here a few times… the food is usually pretty good, but this time I was a little disappointed. Since it was a farewell, it was decided that we would go with the set menu lunch and an email attachment was sent around with the options and it said that the price included salad and bread and a glass of house wine or a beer or a soft drink. Large groups are always fairly difficult to serve, however, we had 3 tables of about 10, so it shouldn’t have been too hard. After we ordered our food, we waited for a very long time for bread and salad – in fact we had to ask for it when our main meals arrived. When it was brought out, there were 4 pieces of bread in a basket and 2 small-ish salads. We were told that the price included bread OR salad – the complete opposite to what was written on the menu. That was disappointing enough, but the meal I ordered, Penne Bellucci without the pancetta, was really quite dull and not at all like the written description. I have decided that unless I absolutely have to, I won’t bother going back here…

Bella’s Italian Restaurant – Narellan, NSW

This was a late-ish dinner after an incredibly long day and all we wanted was good, quick food and to fall into bed. And this place was able to satisfy both requirements! I ordered spaghetti arabiatta, and when I ordered I was asked if I wanted it hot or mild, I ordered it hot (at which point Martin called me a freak!) and was glad I did – it was certainly not overly hot by my standards! It was incredibly tasty and the serving was quite huge – it’s a good thing I was really hungry! Martin ordered the eggplant pasta which was chunks of eggplant in a tomato based sauce and he said it was also pretty good. We also shared a Greek salad which was really nice, although towards the end it got a little oily! My parents shared a pizza and when it came out (it was the first of the meals to be delivered to the table) I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t considered ordering a pizza. It just looked so very, very yummy! However, once my pasta arrived I was more than happy to eat it! There is a good range of veggie dishes to choose from – pizza and pasta, although next time, I think I will go for the pizza to see if it tastes as good as it looked! Unless of course, I simply can’t resist the arabiatta again!

Cafe Della Piazza

I have only eaten here once before, a few years ago and at the time I thought the food was nice enough but it was a bit on the expensive side. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover this time that the food is great and it is actually reasonably priced! There were four of us, so we had a variety of mains as well as sharing a mixed bread to start with. The mixed bread had garlic, parmesan and sundried tomato breads, and I have to say – that parmesan bread – yummo! The only thing I dislike about this sort of thing (and this is not specific to this place) is that four of us had to share six pieces of bread. This means you either spend half your time cutting various bits of bread in half or some people miss out on trying a particular flavour… I wish that the wait staff would ask if we would like them to adjust the serving (with an adjustment in price as appropriate) to the number of people on the table… Anyway, the mains were amazing, I had the pasta Verona with sun dried tomatoes, slivers of garlic, a dollop of pesto and goats cheese, Martin had the vegetarian risotto (can’t remember it’s actual name) but it was also divine. I am a bit wary of ordering risotto in restaurants as they can vary so much, but I would definitely order this one next time I eat here. Our friends had a gnocchi dish and octopus salad and both commented on how good they were. All in all a great meal – and there is a good selection of clearly marked vegetarian dishes… I will definitely go back and would definitely recommend it!

Oscar’s Diner – McLaren Vale, SA

Oscar’s was recommended by the woman running the b&b that we were staying at, we also checked out the menu and there seemed to be a decent range of gourmet pizzas and the potential for some veggie pasta as well. And there was a good range of veggie pizzas, but I really couldn’t go past the Idaho potato pizza without the bacon. It came with caramelised onions and citrus zest and was topped with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce – yummo! We also had the pasta special, but ordered it without the sausage, and it was good too, along with a salad. But before we ate all that, we had the cheese and garlic flatbread, which was like a small pizza with just cheese and garlic on top… oh it was all so yummy… I would definitely eat here again – it is really good Italian food!


This is one of our standard favourites for pizza – they are close to home, quick and the pizzas are good without being greasy or smothered in cheese. On this occasion a group of us got takeaway, so we ended up ordering 5 or 6 vegetarian pizzas. Martin and I usually order the same thing all the time (vegetarian and mushroom with chilli) so it was good to try a couple that we don’t normally eat. And they were good. There was one which pretty much just had tomato and garlic on it, and it was really good, as was the Del Mondo which had feta, fresh tomatoes and fantastic olives. I think next time we are getting our pizza from here, we might try something different! They also do pasta and have a good variety of veggie ones to choose from – the pastas also taste good! They have 2 locations in Canberra, we usually head to the Dickson one as it is closest to home, but once we went to the Belconnen restaurant where we were really disappointed with the service, particularly because we mentioned we were in a hurry to be somewhere else and we were told it wouldn’t be a problem, however the pastas we ordered took twice as long as the pizza. This meant 2 things, one of us had to eat before the others had even got their meals and we were actually late for the netball game we were going to watch. Anyway, check out http://www.zeffirelli.com.au/.


I have eaten at the Dickson restaurant a couple of times now, and have also eaten at the Manuka version. They have a pretty good variety of vegetarian pasta, risotto and pizza dishes. The veggie dishes are interspersed with the meat dishes but they are clearly identified on the menu – which makes for a nice change! We ate here with friends who are not vegetarian, but we all ended up ordering veggie meals after an interesting discussion about baby cows (ie veal). I had the ravioli con spinach, Martin had the veggie risotto, and our friends ordered gnocchi napolitana (which looked great, and I was disappointed that I hadn’t ordered this dish!) and gnocchi gorgonzola (which looked yummy, but I am not a fan of blue cheese!). We also had garlic bread and pesto bread – which are not so much breads as they are small pizzas with garlic and pesto toppings. It was all good, but the servings here are huge – there was no way I could finish my ravioli, especially after all that ‘bread’! I had promised myself that these reviews would only be about the food, but every time I have been here the service has been a little snooty, so I feel the need to comment. I don’t think this is the best Italian restaurant in Canberra, but it is pretty good.