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The Tandoor

This was an interesting meal, that started out with great entrées, went downhill for the mains, but kind of ended ok considering the problems we had. Well, that is a cryptic opening statement, so let me explain… There was actually much discussion as to whether we should actually eat here or not as in the past they have been a little slow to bring out the food, but considering it was after 9pm, we finally decided that it should be ok, and it was, the food was brought out quite quickly after we ordered. Even though there were carnivores among us, we decided to make it a vegetarian night and started with the veggie samosas and aloo tikki chat (spicy potato patties – which are my favourite!). The veggie samosas almost had more peas than potatoes (and yes, I spent ages picking them all out)! And the aloo tikki chat were great! As I said, great entrées, so I was looking forward to the mains. We had ordered aloo curry (potato curry), veggie korma, saag panir (spinach and cheese) and dahl with five types of lentils, along with basmati rice, raita and garlic naan. The dahl was ordinary and almost had the consistency of glue or paste, the saag panir was pretty good, the veggie korma was also pretty good but full of peas and the aloo curry came with rather large chunks of chicken in it… When it arrived we thought it looked meaty – beefy rather than chicken, but put it down to chunks of potato covered in the curry sauce. However, the chicken was soon revealed. We returned it (we had to take it to the counter as the wait staff seemed to disappear as soon as we had our food) and it was replaced with a non-chicken version which was almost too spicy to eat… Three different people apologised to us for the mix up (there is a chicken and potato curry on the menu that obviously uses the same curry sauce and the chef must have misread the order) and eventually we were told that we would not be charged for that dish – which was nice. So, a good start, downhill for mains and an ok finish! However, even if I ignore the problems with the chicken in our vegetarian potato curry, I didn’t think that the food was incredibly great, and I doubt that I would go back again, especially considering there is a large number of other Indian restaurants in Canberra.

Flavours of India

This was a takeaway experience with some friends, and I am glad that we decided to try this place from the large number of takeaway menus we had to choose from. I have heard that it is supposed to be good, and this takeaway confirmed those rumours! We started with veggie samosa’s (yes, with peas – I picked them out, much to my friends amusement!), followed by a Palak Paneer and a dahl and for my carnivore friends, Tandori chicken, with garlic naans, raita and mango chutney. The Palak Paneer was spicy and creamy and tasted great. The dahl was one of two on the menu – I think we ended up ordering the one with 5 different varieties of lentils in it, and I couldn’t be bothered trying to see if there actually was five different types of lentils in it, but it tasted really good. I would really like to go back and try a few of the other veggie dishes – it is on the list for a return visit!

Flavours of India – Civic

We had dinner here with friends before a concert. It was quite a bizarre experience because we bumped into the guy who used to own our favourite Thai restaurant before it suddenly became an African restaurant! He is now managing this restaurant and he remembered us! It struck us as a bit weird that a Thai person would be managing an Indian restaurant, but hey, I guess it doesn’t really matter if they do a good job! The food was pretty good, the entrées were great – aloo tiki and spinach fritters and potato salad (can’t remember the Indian name!). We then went mainly veggie for mains, malai kofta, vegetable jalfrezi and a dahl, along with a butter chicken. Of course, we also had breads and a mixed raita. It was all pretty tasty, although I have to say I was a little disappointed with the vegetable jalfrezi, but the malai kofta were pretty good. The raita had a very interesting flavour that none of us could place – I was a little concerned that the yoghurt may have been off, but then, none of us got sick. It is certainly not the cheapest Indian food around, but it is pretty good, so I think we will go back!

Flavours of India – Gungahlin

We had lunch here one Sunday, since we have kind of given up going to Bernadette’s as our last minute food stop and can’t quite figure out where else to go. Since it was lunch we didn’t want to go all out and order a lot of different meals, so we decided to have a few entrée type things. So we had idli’s, a spinach fritters and potato salad thing and a masala dosa – all very yummy and we have vowed to go back for dinner…

Bollywood Masala

We have eaten in and had takeaway from this Indian restaurant in Dickson a number of times. After the first time we ate here, we were thrilled that there was finally a really good Indian restaurant that was easy for us to get to! Obviously, being Indian there is a large variety of veggie food, but there are some new things as well as the old favourites! My old favourites include Malai Kofta and Palak Paneer, but new favourites from this restaurant include Dahl Bollywood and Vegetable Jalfrezi. They also do a great vegetarian entrée platter for 2, which is definitely worth ordering… They aren’t afraid to try out a bit of “fusion” cooking either and if you are game, then try the sundried tomato naan! I can’t bring myself to try it, I’m a stickler for the garlic variety, but Martin had it once and thought it was pretty good.