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Tandoori Palace – Queenstown, New Zealand

We wandered around for ages trying to decide where to eat. I felt like pasta, but Martin felt like Indian. We eventually went back to this place because we figured we would probably end up eating Italian the next night! We ordered the mixed entrée which was huge – samosas, bahji, potato cakes and something else. It was all quite yummy, once I had de-pea-ed everything of course! For our mains we ordered the vegetable jaypuri, malai kofta and a side of dhal makhani, along with raita and two garlic naan. And a bottle of Villa Pinot Gris to wash it all down! The food was ok, the malai kofta was very different to any that I have had before, the jaypuri was pretty good and the dhal was a little average, but the garlic naans were great – hot and crispy and you could really taste the garlic! There was so much food, and there was no way we could finish it all – we didn’t even try! I think that this place might have been a chain – they seemed to have two or three restaurant addresses (in different towns) listed on their take away menu. This always disappoints me – not that I don’t like chains, it is just that I prefer to eat somewhere that does more authentic food rather than food that may be catered to the masses.


I have heard lots and lots about Rama’s – pretty much all of it has been good, so when we had to be southside for a reason around dinner time, we decided that we should try it. Rama’s is billed as Fiji Indian, which makes it pretty much Indian with a dash of Fijian influence. When we arrived (on a non-pay-day Thursday night!!) the place was packed and we were not particularly hopeful of getting a table as even those outside were full. However, we were squeezed in on a table that had a 7:15 booking (we were there at 6:45) on the promise that if they could cook it fast, we could eat it fast – we had to be somewhere else at 7:30 anyway! So, we ordered at the counter as the table was reset for two and the food arrived really, really quickly! Which is a little worrying as that probably meant that a lot of it was pre-prepared, and that some of didn’t have enough time to absorb the lovely flavours. To start with we had the pumpkin and coconut roti parcels. This was amazing – a lovely mushed up pumpkin and coconut mixture wrapped in a roti bread. I think I am going to have to invent a few of these types of dishes because this is the second one that I have had that I really, really liked. They would make great little appetiser type things. For our mains we ordered Vegetable Bombay, Panir Masala and Dahl, along with steamed rice and a couple of garlic parathas. When we ordered, we were asked how we wanted the dished cooked – mild, medium or hot. Now this is one of my pet hates in restaurants. I want the chef to cook it as it should be and not fiddle with the heat of the dish. If something is meant to be cooked hot then cook it hot and put a warning on the menu. If it is meant to be mild, then cook it mild! So, my answer was however the chef thinks it should be and then we were asked if we liked it spicy and would we like the dishes medium, so I gave up and said yes. The dahl arrived first with a huge bowl of saffron rice (which surprised us since we thought we ordered steamed rice). It was a little while before the other dishes came out, which is a bit disappointing, but it could have been because they were trying to hurry our meal. Of the three dishes, I think the Panir Masala was my favourite (apart from the peas) – it had a beautiful flavour and the panir did not fall apart. The dahl was nicely spiced, but wasn’t particularly special – just good dahl. The vegetables Bombay was disappointing (for more reasons than just more peas!) – and this is possibly where a longer cooking time could have enhanced the flavours a little. The spices/flavours seemed a little harsh. Overall, it was pretty good food. I am amazed that we were in and out in approximately 30 minutes, and also amazed that the number of other people in the restaurant, and the owner said that it is like that every night! If I was down that way again, then I think I would eat there again, however, I don’t think I would be able to justify bypassing my favourite Indian restaurant, which is much closer to home, to go here.

Flavours of India

This may well become one of my favourite Indian restaurants. We have eaten here once before and was impressed then, just as we were impressed again this time! Although, we ended up with so much food, that we could hardly move ourselves quickly enough to get across to the theatre to see ‘The Tempest’ (which was awesome!). We started with Aloo papdi chaat (spiced potato and spinach fritters tossed with yoghurt and tamarind chutney and spiked with chaat masala) and Paneer amritsari (cheese marinated in ginger and garlic paste and the chef’s secret herbs and spices). The potato dish was amazing – we have had it before and I will have it again! The paneer one was nice, but not quite what I expected. I think I would rather order a paneer main and have a different entree. That being said, we decided that since we had had a paneer entree that we would not have a paneer main, so we had Aloo kaali mirch (potatoes with curry leaves, spices and peppercorns), dal fry and Milaoni sabzi (veggies in a cashew gravy), along with a mixed raita and a couple of garlic naans. Apart from the dal, these are dishes that we have not had before and they were pretty good, although the flavourings were something that we were not quite used to – but it is good to taste new things. The dal and veggies were great, but personally the potatoes were almost a little too peppery for my tastes. We ate as much as we could, but we certainly did not finish everything! This is great food and they have a fantastic selection of veggie dishes, so I think we will head back here again soon!

Bollywood Masala

This was take away with friends. We definitely over catered, but it is so yummy, we couldn’t resist getting all our favourites! We started with the pakoras – which are great – little spicy deep fried balls – you can’t really go wrong with that – although, we could have used a little more of the sauce. We ordered two serves of the pakora, but I think we only got one serve of the sauce. For our mains, we went with all the veggie favourites – palak paneer, aloo gobi (a relatively new favourite!), veggie korma (far too many peas!) and dahl bollywood. Our friends also got a tandoori chicken and we accompanied it all with saffron rice, mixed raita and a selection of naans – cheese, garlic and sun dried tomato. Everything was amazing (as usual), although I was a little disappointed with the cheese naan – I think I will stick to garlic in the future. And despite the fact that we over catered – there really wasn’t a whole lot of food left over!

Bollywood Masala

Well, for those of you who know me, or who regularly read these reviews (!!), you’ll know that Bollywood is pretty much my favourite Indian restaurant. And that usually we order the same things, with only a small amount of variation! This time we did order mostly the usual stuff, but we also tried a dish that we have never ordered from here before. Our standard dishes were palak paneer (spinach and cheese), dahl bollywood – both were top notch as usual – although, the palak paneer was quite a lot greener than it usually was – it still tasted good, but it will be interesting to see how it is next time. The new dish we ordered was aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower). I cook this dish a lot at home, but very rarely order it from a restaurant. Having had it, I think it will become one of our standard favourites – it was really good. My only complaint would be that there was not enough of it! It was well cooked, nicely spiced and was kind of creamy (but without the cream!). We also had naans and a mixed raita, and I have to say, once we had eaten most of that, we could barely move – which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since the only place I was going after an extremely long week was bed!

Bollywood Masala

This was a take away meal with after a very long day! We went for 2 serves of the veggie pakoras (yum!) and a variety of mains. Old favourites such as dahl Bollywood and palak paneer, and we tried the veggie korma instead of the veggie jalfrezzi, and our friends opted for some tandoori chicken as well. We also ordered a mixed raita and some garlic naan and some sun dried tomato naan. All the old favourites were great, the veggie korma was a very nice change and may become an old favourite in the future (the only down side was the inclusion of peas!) and our friends managed to eat all of their chicken! There wasn’t a whole lot left over, but we still managed to make room for some home made chocolate chip cookie pie…

Bollywood Masala

This was our first weekend back in Canberra after arriving home from our trip, so we decided to celebrate by going out for dinner! Since I was kind of craving good Indian food, we decided to go to our favourite place! I think that I must have gotten a little too used to the restaurant service in the US – it is always quick and efficient and I love the way that you always have iced water and that it is regularly topped up… But I digress… The food was good as always, we had the mixed veggie entree (I think we will have to try a single entree next time as this tends to be a little on the expensive side!). For mains, we opted for palak paneer and a veggie korma, along with a mixed raita and some breads. Add in a few glasses of wine and the bill was a lot more than I expected! The service was a little slow – but I am not sure whether it was really slow or if I was just used to the US style service and it seemed slow. But as I said, the food was good – and that is what it is all about, right?

Rajdoot – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We read that this place had a good variety of vegetarian options, so we went out of our way to go here and eat. They did have an excellent variety of vegetarian options, as most Indian restaurants do. We started with a vegetarian appetiser plate – containing samosas (no peas!), paneer bhaji, pakora and an interesting cold chickpea and potato salady thing. It also came with a variety of chutneys. The paneer bhaji was the highlight on this plate – however, everything else was also pretty good. We followed this with malai kofta, dhal and navratan veggies, along with rice and a variety of breads. The highlight of the meal was definitely the malai kofta! The dahl and the veggies were not as spicely flavoursome as we are used to. The description of the bread that I ordered on the menu was raisins, almonds and something else blended into a naan bread, however when it arrived, it also had those glacé cherries chopped up and blended into it – meaning that I absolutely hated it… I hate those cherry things. Luckily Martin didn’t care too much and shared his chapati and roti with me! All in all it was an ok Indian meal, I think we are completely spoilt by having a really good Indian restaurant very close to home and sadly this means all Indian we eat will be compared to that…

Amajit’s – Campbelltown, NSW

My parents claimed that this was really good Indian food and that they had been meaning to take us there for some time. I admit that I was a little dubious about the really good food claim, but they were right – oh boy, they were right! In fact they were so right, we got home delivery from here again a few nights later when visiting some friends. We started off with the complimentary pappadums that came with an amazing yoghurt sauce, luckily my Dad knows the owner’s father who came to chat with us and also got us a second serve of the pappadums! The yoghurt sauce was so good that we asked for the recipe and were told the basic ingredients, but not the quantities as that was the secret! Oh well, I’ll just have to try and make it up! We skipped entrees when we ate in, but tried the samosa’s when we got delivery, they were ok, I could do without them and just eat the mains! For our mains we had Malai Kofta, Palak Paneer, Dahl and Navratan Korma, my parents also ordered a chicken dish. Rice comes with the mains, and we also went for the cucumber yoghurt and a variety of plain, garlic and cheese naans. When we ordered delivery, we opted to chose a potato curry as well as Malai Kofta and Dahl. The food was fantastic, subtly spiced yet absolutely full of flavour. Sadly however, the Malai Kofta and the Navratan Korma both came with peas in them and of course I had to pick them out. The Malai Kofta were quite big and come as a serve of 2, although they are definitely big enough to share between 4, and there was plenty of sauce. In fact I spent the last bit of the meal dipping my naan into the left over sauce until it was all gone! There was literally nothing left in the bowls or on our plates at the end of the meal and when they were cleared the owner joked that he wouldn’t have to wash them! We were offered dessert, however, there was no possible way that we could have fitted it in, even though Martin was eye-ing the Gulab Jamun before we had even considered mains! I am sad that this place is not closer to home… although, it is probably a good thing as we would end up eating there far too often!


We used to get take away from here quite a lot many years ago, and I can’t remember why we stopped… maybe it was around the time that we stopped getting take away from anywhere! Anyway, we decided to eat here because it was close to a friend’s work and we were after a quick dinner before heading to the AIS Darters netball game. I was a bit surprised when we arrived as it is very small inside. I was also surprised that the menu was fairly small, but then, for such a small restaurant, it would probably be silly for them to have an incredibly large menu! There were five of us for dinner, so we ordered samosas for our entree – they come as a serve of two and when we ordered three serves, we were asked if we would prefer to only have five instead of six, which was a very sensible idea! While our friends ordered mainly meat dishes, Martin and I ordered Bombay Potatoes and a veggie kofta (veggie balls in a yummy sauce), both of which were fantastic! The veggie kofta was a bit surprising – I think I expected something curry-like – more like a veggie korma, but the kofta were well made, sweet and held together beautifully and the sauce was delicious! There was also a dahl on the table, and we shared some raita and all had a garlic naan and it was all great and reasonably priced… I am sad that we forgot that this place existed, and I think we will go back in the future!