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Tandoor House

Tandoor House is tucked around the back of the shops in Kingston, on Kennedy Street. I’ve been there quite a few times over the years. Both the food and the service have been hit-and-miss.

Last night Mel, Sebastian and I had dinner there. We had some veggie samosas, saag paneer, aloo gobi, a side of dal tadka, some naan, raita and mango chutney. We agreed to get mild versions of the saag paneer and aloo gobi to avoid overwhelming Sebastian. The saag paneer tasted excellent with lots of fresh spinach but it didn’t contain much paneer. The aloo gobi was pretty ordinary – I think we’ve cooked better at home. The dal was OK but uninspiring. The breads and sides were good.

I’m going to regard this visit to Tandoor House as a miss. Although the service was very friendly, it also took 40 minutes between ordering and having our mains served. That would have been OK if the food was inspiring or even perhaps if the place was busy, but neither of these were true.

Mehfil Indian Rasoi – Upper Mount Gravatt, QLD

Lunch in Brisbane with my big brother Peter. We got takeaway dinner from here last time we visited and the food was excellent.

Today we both had vegetarian Thali. It had paneer butter masala, channa masala, dhal tadka, raita, pappadam, naan, pickle, rice and a chunk of barfi for dessert. Everything was great and it was the right amount of food. Great value for $17 too.

From my 2 experiences and Peter’s recommendation, Mehfil serves up consistently good Indian food.

Bollywood Masala (Kingston)

We used to often get takeaway from the original Bollywood Masala in Dickson but it was somewhat inconsistent and the naans always seemed soggy. Perhaps that’s the price you pay for getting takeaway… but we didn’t have the same experience elsewhere. Dining in was always pleasant but the 6pm opening time doesn’t fit well with getting a kid to bed, so we don’t get there often anymore. I’ve had lunch at the Dickson restaurant quite a few times since it opened and have always been impressed.

Today I had lunch with a friend. We started with Bollywood aloo chat – potato fried in some sort of batter, smothered in yoghurt, with tamarind and mint sauces. Heavenly!

For mains we had malai kofta and daal tadka. The kofta had sufficient paneer in them to make them nice and chewy, which I really like. The sauce was rich and tasty. The daal tadka was beautifully spiced and relatively light. The 2 dishes complemented each other nicely. The naans were pretty good… and not soggy at all! The saffron rice was good too.

Very nice food… I’ll keep going back…

Jewel of India (Civic)

Jewel of India in Manuka is regarded as one of Canberra’s Indian restaurants. We’ve been to the Civic restaurant a few times since they opened and the food is very good.

Today Mel and I went for lunch. We were handed the lunch menu and it wasn’t completely clear whether the full menu was available. We both decided on the thali from the lunch menu, which when taken vegetarian comes with the only 2 veggie mains: Aloo Palak and Dal Masala. We asked about alternative dishes but were told that the lunch specials are restricted to just those options. Fair enough! Given that there was only one waiter and the place was far from empty we were a little worried that the service would be very slow but the food came out very quickly.

In addition to the above 2 dishes the thali also came with a pappadam, some raita, a naan and some mango chutney. It was a perfect amount of food. The dal was beautifully spiced with a lingering after-taste – not boring like some dal. The Aloo Palak was fabulous, as was the bread and all of the side dishes. A very good deal for $18 each.

Very good Indian food! We’ll be back… 🙂

Blu Ginger

Date: 31 December 2010

Well, we splurged for New Years Eve and got takeaway!! This is a new place in Civic and we have been wanting to try it for a while now and due to a misunderstanding, we didn’t get to try it the night before!

They have a pretty good selection of veggie food as you would expect from an Indian restaurant – although I find it is a bit concerning that the entree’s include veg spring rolls! We decided to try the Palak Patha Chaat – batter fried spinach with chickpeas and potatoes, topped with yoghurt and tamarind sauce. It was ok – I think the batter fried spinach was stale or something because it was kind of chewy. For mains we ordered the Baigan Patiala (eggplant and potatoes), Vegetable Kootu and Palak Paneer. We also had rice, garlic naans, and sides of cucumber yoghurt, tomato, onion and corriander salsa, and banana coconut. The veg Kootu was the highlight of the meal – it had a lovely coconuty flavour and also crunchy but not undercooked lentils. It was great and I could have happily eaten it all by myself! The Palak Paneer had good flavour, but not a lot of paneer in it. I am not a fan of eggplant, so didn’t particularly like the Baigan Patiala, but the potatoes were good, as was the sauce it came in. The sides and the breads were also good.

All in all, pretty good food. I’d definitely go back as I think it is better than some of the other Indian take away food we have had…


Date: 16 November 2009

I think this is a relatively new Indian restaurant in Manuka – certainly one that we haven’t discovered before! I was a bit nervous when we walked in as there was no-one else eating there – but it was lunchtime on a Monday… The menu is pretty varied and has a good vegetarian selection, as you would expect from an Indian restaurant. We decided to have the Kushi veg platter for two which had samosa, tandoori mushrooms and paneer tikka. It was all very yummy and came with a corriander chutney type sauce as well as a very nice spicy tomato-ey type chutney. Instead of getting the usual mains, we opted for dosai – rice and lentil crepes stuffed with different fillings. I had the masala dosai (spicy potato) and Martin had the onion masala dosai (spicy potato and onion). They were great – the dosai were light and crispy and the stuffing was spicy and delicious. They were just what we felt like! I think we might head back just for the dosai! The only thing that annoyed me a bit about this place was the overwhelming incense and the fact that the owner (?) spent a lot of time making phone calls using the speaker phone which echoed the dial tone and keypad noises around the restaurant! But the food was good!

Flavours of India – Civic

Date: 9 October 2009

We have eaten at Flavours of India in Civic a lot and also have had take away from here quite a bit since the first time we ate here – four years ago! This is really good Indian food and they have a pretty good variety of vegetarian dishes… of course we now have our favourites…

Aloo papdi chaat is now my all time favourite Indian starter! It is described as “spiced potatoes & spinach fritters tossed together with sweetened yoghurt, tamarind chutney & spiked with chaat masala” – YUM!

For our mains we had kadhai paneer (cheese, capsicum and onion in a sort-of-creamy tomato sauce) and aloo palak (potato and spinach), along with rice, raita and naans. Yum, yum and yum! As I have said before, not the cheapest Indian food around, but definitely delicious!

Bollywood Dimensions

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know that I find it hard to beat Bollywood Masala as my favourite Indian restaurant. Bollywood Dimensions has recently opened in Braddon and we wondered whether they were in any way related – and the answer is they don’t appear to be! Being lovers of Indian food, we thought we should try it and headed there for dinner with friends before seeing a concert. Their vegetarian menu is quite extensive (as it should be, considering it is Indian!) and there were a few things on there that a little different to the standard dishes on an Indian menu, so we thought we would try some of them. For our entree we had ‘Masala Vada’ and ‘Exotic Tandoori Paneer’ – both were excellent. The masala vada were nicely spiced and a little on the hot side which is fine with me! For our mains we had ‘Creamy Butternut Pumpkin’, ‘Majestic Shahi Paneer (Chef’s special)’ and a side of ‘Royal Panch Ratni Dal’ along with rice, raita, garlic naans and lassi. The food was good. The pumpkin dish was nice, but I am constantly disappointed by dishes containing pumpkin – I guess I expect more from them. The paneer dish had a comforting creamy sauce and large chunks of paneer. The dal was simple yet delicious. The naans were crispy and flaky as opposed to being soft and gooey as they so often are. I think we will go back and try some of the more standard dishes so that we can do more of a real comparison. Oh, and just so you know, all the dish names are in quotes as that is how they are listed on the menu. In fact the menu is a great read, however the overly descriptive names of the dishes do start to become a little over the top!

Amajit’s – Campbelltown, NSW

Since we were in Campbelltown for Christmas, my mum suggested that we go here for dinner, and I was really keen because last time we went here, I was really impressed. Sadly though, this time I was incredibly disappointed. I know it was literally just before Christmas, but there was only us and two other tables of people (although they did a fair bit of takeaway while we were there) and the service was very, very poor. And the food was incredibly average. It took ages for the pappadums to arrive and ages to order. We ended up opening our own bottle of wine and had to ask for water twice before we got it. We ordered curry puffs and a weird potato dish (I can’t remember what it was called) for our entree. The curry puffs had peas which I picked out, and the potato dish was cold and had chucks of potato mixed in with a crunchy cereal thing with a sauce. The potato dish was interesting, but I am not sure I would order it again. For our mains we ordered malai kofta, mushrooms malai masala, veggie korma, a chicken dish and we asked if they could do a side dish of dahl – which they initially said they could do, but it turned out that they couldn’t, so we went with a full one. We also had a cucumber yoghurt and a variety of naans. They had run out of kofta and couldn’t do the malai kofta and asked if would we like malai veggies instead. Since we had ordered a korma, we thought that would be too similar, so we asked for palak paneer instead and, I have to say, the waiter looked a little put out by that so we guessed that they had already started to make it! The food was ok. It wasn’t spectacular and it was nowhere near as good as we remembered it. Also, annoyingly they put all of the naans in the same basket, including a meat one in with the other ones – which, considering all but one of our dishes were vegetarian, was, I thought, quite poor judgement! Maybe they were having a bad day. Maybe they were really looking forward to the Christmas break. I don’t know, but I do know that I was pretty disappointed and I wasn’t the only one.

Priya – Hokitika, New Zealand

This was pretty much our only option for dinner in Hokitika, unless we wanted pizza – which we didn’t! We ordered tandoori mushrooms, Palak Paneer, Veggie Korma and asked for a half size of red lentil dhal, which they couldn’t do, so we went with the whole one. We also had raita and a garlic naan and a plain naan. This place did one of my pet hates and asked us what temperature we would like our dishes and we tried, yet again, to get them the way the chef recommends, but to most restaurant staff that just means medium! The food was pretty good. I wasn’t overly keen on the mushrooms – they were not cooked enough for my liking. But the rest of it was good, but not fantastic – it didn’t stand out as wonderful in any way. Certainly, if you want veggie food in Hokitika, then I would recommend this place!