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Penguin mints


An unopened tin of caffeinated penguin brand peppermints… I am pretty sure that these were either a gift from a visitor from the US… Funnily enough when I heard an initial conversation about penguin mints, I didn’t realise what they were and thought it was penguin mince…

Matryoshka doll penguins



Another penguin that needs two pictures! These are Matryoshka doll penguins – although traditionally there are five in a set, this one only has four. They came from the Community Aid Abroad shop, and I thought that they were pretty unique, but a quick google search for ‘Matryoshka doll penguin’ reveals a surprising number of legitimate hits! Oh well, they are still some of my favourites in the collection!

Are you my mummy?


This is a book, in Greek, about a penguin. We are pretty sure that it is a version of ‘Are you my Mummy?’. It is an absolutely gorgeous book. It was a Xmas gift fom Peter and Lyndall.

Google translator says it is “My Mama, I love you”. The blurb underneath the penguin says it is a touch and feel book! Which would be right as the penguin is furry! I still think it is a version of ‘Are you my mummy?’ as the penguin goes off to see a lion, a turtle, a giraffe, a peacock, a dolphin, and finally his Mummy… so unless he is telling each animal how much he loves his mum, then I am pretty sure he is asking each of them ‘are you my mummy?’…

Of course, now we feel like translating the whole book – but we are tired – so maybe some time in the future!