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Vaby’s Bar and Grill – Campbelltown, NSW

This was a pre-Christmas lunch with some friends that we don’t get to see very often, so it really wasn’t about the food, more about the company! We had to finish up early, so we arrived before they had actually opened, which wasn’t a problem, we just hung around and waited. When we got inside and sat down, we ordered a garlic bread and a cheese bread to start – as I have said before, these are the pizza type breads and I am not usually a fan, but these ones were pretty good – better than I have had before. For mains I opted for the penne arabiatta and Martin had the risotto. I considered the risotto, but it had kidney beans in it which made it sound a little too weird for me! I was asked if I wanted parmesan cheese when I ordered and the pasta came out with the cheese on top – hooray! The food was ok, I have said before that the arabiatta is not that spicy, but it is fine. We also had dessert – I had the usual chocolate mousse and Martin had a chocolate panna cotta tart thing which was a little less inspired than its description. All in all, not a horrible meal – it was certainly nice to catch up with our friends!

Vaby’s Bar and Grill – Beverly Hills, NSW

This was a pre Christmas family dinner, and there were quite a few of us, so I was pretty impressed with the service! We ordered garlic bread and bruschetta to start, which were pretty good, however the garlic bread is the flat pizza variety – which is definitely not my favourite! For mains, Martin went for the fajitas veggie style, and I ordered the penne arabiatta – which was pretty good for a “family style” restaurant, but nowhere near spicy enough or “Italian” enough for my tastes. How can pasta not be “Italian” I hear you ask – well, I’m not really sure, but it may have been something to do with the fact that I wasn’t even offered any parmesan cheese! For dessert, I had the chocolate mousse, and Martin had a banana split – they were pretty good. All in all, an ok meal – I guess at least it caters for a large variety of tastes!

Vaby’s Bar and Grill – Beverly Hills, NSW

This was a lunch experince and it was ok – we all managed to eat three courses, so it couldn’t have been too horrible! There are really only 2 vegetarian dishes on the menu plus one on the specials list – I guess that is quite advanced for a bar and grill! However, they were also happy to adapt other things on the menu. We started with some garlic bread which is the flat pizza type – not my favourite type, but it was better than some others I have had. For mains, I ordered the primevera risotto for Martin, which he said was nice but a little oily. I ordered the fajita’s which originally came with chicken and steak, however they were happy to adapt it and it came with a mushroom, onion and capsicm mix instead. When the waiter delivered it, he commented that he wasn’t sure if I wanted cheese or not, so they had put it in a separate little bowl, however the sour cream was in the same bowl as the salsa and the guacamole – so they really only get half points for trying! We finished with some cheesecake (me) and a banana split (Martin). All in all, it was pretty good, but I certainly wouldn’t eat there all the time!