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Koko Black

After lunch today we had space for dessert, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! We had walked past Koko Black on the was to lunch and it looked fairly empty so towards the end of lunch we decided we might try Koko Black for some quick dessert.

Mel had a salted caramel délice and I had a raspberry chocolate dome. We both had a Belgian hot chocolate. Mel found the caramel délice to be fantastic, especially since she’s a caramel lover. Likewise for me and my raspberry dome. Both had a bunch of interesting elements and flavours. Certainly no complaints – we’d go back for a repeat performance.

However, the hot chocolates disappointed both of us. Mel thought her’s tasted powdery and not very creamy. I thought mine tasted syrupy – somehow it was thick but didn’t seem creamy. I also thought that it didn’t taste like chocolate. I know that can happen after eating chocolate but I thought I gave this thing plenty of time to taste right. Perhaps there’s something about “fancy” hot chocolates that we don’t understand!

The desserts are great and I want to try some of those (non-hot) chocolates…