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Chow’s Pine Garden Chinese Restaurant – Ingleburn, NSW

This is my Mum’s favourite restaurant and is near where she lives. Mel, Sebastian and I had dinner with her here on Friday night. Chinese restaurants can vary with the amount of variety they afford vegetarians but this one is pretty good.

There looks to be a complete absence of veggie starters so we just had mains: salt & pepper tofu, a vegetable chow mein (with tofu) and a vegetable omelette.  Mum had a pork dish, so we won’t mention that again! ;-)  The salt & pepper tofu was nice – not as much chilli as you get in some other places but still nice and tasty.  The chow mein had a good variety of veggies and was very good.  The omelette was nicely cooked with lots of veggies.  All the servings were huge.

I’ve eaten here quite a few times and the food is always good.  It is impressive for a suburban  Chinese restaurant with plastic tablecloths and probably not many vegetarian customers, so I have no problems going back for another meal.

Leong Kitchen

This is a small Chinese-Malaysian place at Campbell shops. We eat here semi-regularly and the owner always remembers us.

Mel, Sebastian and I had lunch here on Thursday.  We had veggie spring rolls – 3 were offered instead of the regular serving on 2 – I like that! Mel’s and mine came with a slightly spicy sauce while Sebastian’s came with mellower plum sauce – another nice touch.  For mains we had sizzling bean curd, a veggie mee goreng and a veggie omelet. We originally thought that we had ordered too much food but we ate it all.  All in all, 3 excellent dishes with a nice variety of flavours.

We’ll definitely keep popping into Leong Kitchen.

Café Bamboo

Home delivery – there is nothing better when you are unwell and tired! I had planned to cook this night, however got distracted and it got late, so decided to get delivery instead! I really like this place – it does good Chinese food which is hard to find when you are vegetarian. We started with spring rolls as usual, and had the veggie chow mein and 5 spicy tofu (as usual – these are my favourite dishes!). We also decided to try something a little different and ordered the veggies with Thai sweet chilli sauce – which was a little saucier than we both expected, but it was good. It was a little spicy and came with chunks of garlic in it as well. As usual we ordered too much and ended up with leftovers – which is not such a bad thing! It tastes just as good for lunch the next day!

Café Bamboo

Take away food – it is the best thing in the world when you are too tired to cook! Especially when they deliver it! We had recently received a menu in our letter box from this pace, and since they delivered we decided to try it. We ordered veggie spring rolls, veggie chow mein, szechuan vegetables and mapo tofu – with the intention of having leftovers for lunch! The food was pretty good. Martin spoke to them on the phone and was a little dubious that the spring rolls were actually veggie (they were not listed as such on the menu), so we broke them open before biting into them and they were safe! The mapo tofu was pretty good, although it contained peas (YUCK!). It wasn’t really as spicy as I expected and I think they used silken tofu – not my favourite type, but still it was good. The szechuan veggies were great, although again, not as spicy as I expected, and the sauce was kind of more sweet and sour than what I would expect szechuan to be. The chow mein however, was the highlight of my meal! It was great – I could eat a whole one by myself! Sadly they took quite a while to deliver it, so by the time it came we were starving! Next time, we might ring up and order it, then walk down and pick it up, as it is actually fairly close to home – as long as we are not too tired!

Cantonese Restaurant – Jasper, Alberta, Canada

We looked at a lot of places for some decent veggie options before we found this place. It was a little scary – I haven’t been in a Chinese restaurant like this for many, many years! We ordered veggie spring rolls for our entree which were pretty good, they came with a very unusual sauce – which looked like it could have been mango, but didn’t taste like it. For our mains we ordered Mapo tofu (without the pork), vegetable chow mein and the waiter talked us into a dish called Laho vegetables. The Mapo tofu was pretty good – nice and spicy but contained peas! The chow mein was good, not the best I have ever had, but certainly not awful. The Laho vegetables dish was horrible. It had unidentifiable bits in it, which Martin thought was egg and mushrooms, however, that wasn’t the only thing that put me off – the flavour was pretty awful too. The waiter told us that it is a dish that you like more the more you eat it, which makes me wonder why he would recommend it to people the very first time they ate there… Oh well, possibly not the best food, but certainly the best veggie option, especially if you didn’t want pizza or a veggie burger!