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This place used to be called Diversity, and I can still remember the excellent pizzas that we had here, so I was keen to head back and try it again. They still do pizzas but I have to say the whole experience was a a little disappointing! We ordered a gourmet veg pizza and a pumpkin and feta salad. The food arrived and we were so busy shuffling things around on the table so it could go in the middle that the waitress didn’t tell us what she had just brought out. We assumed that there was an awful lot of eggplant on the pizza and started eating. However, I soon decided that it was all a little too meaty for it to be eggplant and we asked a waiter what sort of pizza it was. It turned out to be duck, and when we said that we had ordered a gourmet veg pizza, the waiter told us that duck was quite nice – as if trying to convince us to stick with the pizza we had. I pointed out that we were vegetarian and we really would prefer the pizza that we ordered and he took it away and consulted the kitchen. It turns out that the wrong order was put into the computer, so they had to make us a fresh gourmet veg pizza. To their credit they did this quite quickly and we were told that the duck pizza would be removed from our bill (I should think so! :-). I wasn’t overly impressed by the gourmet veg pizza – there certainly wasn’t much that was gourmet about it! But it was ok and it was better than duck! We ended up receiving a discount on our whole bill for the inconvenience of it all, which was a nice gesture, although given the whole experience I am not sure that I would bother again!


It had been a long time since Martin and I had gone out for breakfast, so we decided that the long weekend would be the perfect time, before we did the grocery shopping. Gotta keep your strength up for that! We wandered around looking for somewhere, and finally decided on this place. They had a few veggie choices, but hey, breakfast is pretty easy to adapt, right? I ordered the (something) omelette and a side of hash browns and a hot chocolate. Martin had the pancakes with caramelised bananas, muesli and apple juice. The food was pretty good – the pancakes with the caramelised bananas were divine (yep, I got to taste them!), and my omelette was full of chunks of potato, capsicum and onion – yum! The hot chocolate was so good that I ordered another, however, it took so long to come, that we finally cancelled it because we had finished everything else and were keen to get the grocery shopping out of the way!

Milk & Honey

This was lunch with a friend and it was great to catch up – so believe it or not, the food was secondary! Anyway, I had the roasted sweet potato and spinach salad and a citrus splice drink. I have to say that this salad was awesome. I loved it! The sweet potato was warm and there was chunks of semi roasted tomatoes (I would have preferred a few more, but then again, I love tomatoes!) and also roasted pumpkin seeds – something I don’t usually like, but they were great in this! At the time I thought that I should remember what was in it so I could make this at home, but I have forgotten, so I guess I will have to go back!

Beess & Co

We were out and about, getting not very much done, and it was about lunchtime, so we decided to try something new instead of going home for boring old sandwiches. We were close to Yarralumla, so decided to head to Yarralumla shops because we thought we remembered that there was a vegetarian restaurant/café here. There doesn’t seem to be one any more, so we decided to eat at Beess & Co instead – although, we didn’t really look at any of the other places – we just decided that this would do. Fairly obviously, this place is not veggie, but it did have a number of different dishes on the menu as well as on the specials board. I opted for the haloumi, couscous and mint patties, which came with a mountain of greens and a yummy creamy mustardy sauce. And thank goodness for the sauce – the patties would have been a little dry and bland without it. Martin ordered the special bruschetta with roasted fennel, capsicum, cheese and baby spinach. When it arrived, it didn’t look quite right, but we couldn’t remember what was supposed to be in it, so couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. After checking the specials board we realised it was missing the capsicum and baby spinach!! And it was quite small, so I gladly shared some of my salad with Martin. We also both ordered fresh juices. The service was a little slow, I was just starting to get annoyed at how long it was taking when they finally brought our food out. And one thing that really annoyed me: a couple who ordered after us got their food before us – and it wasn’t entrées! That really bugs me… Anyway, overall it was ok. A bit expensive, especially Martin’s meal, considering the size and the fact that some ingredients were missing. I’m not sure I would bother going back – I would prefer to try some of the other places that are there…

Lizboa Café & Bar

We were Christmas shopping and required sustenance before actually wandering around the shops and dealing with the other shoppers! We also couldn’t face the madness of the food court. We have eaten here once before and it is ok – better than food court food, but also more expensive. This time I had the vegetarian pizza and Martin had the vegetarian focaccia, we both ordered a citrus splice drink. I have to say the pizza was pretty good – I was actually impressed, although the only down side was that it could have had a little more topping. It came with tomato, eggplant, feta and topped with pesto. I was glad that the eggplant strips were small, but I was disappointed that there was only a little bit of feta! Martin didn’t complain about his focaccia, so it must have been ok. The drinks were also great! I could have drank 2 or 3 of them, but they were about $7 each, so I don’t think I will!


This was a dessert and coffee experience after seeing Cirque du Chaser with some friends. We were a little wary of doing this as last time this group of people tried to get dessert, it ended in disaster. This time however, it was much better! We ordered a variety of desserts, banana crepes, sticky date pudding, orange and poppy seed cake and a giant cookie. One of my friends is now on a wheat/gluten free diet and she was told that the chocolate mud cake was gluten free – we all doubted this, so she simply ordered peppermint tea – which came with real leaves in it (no tea bag this time!), although she did comment it was more spearmint than peppermint. The rest of us ordered hot chocolates and iced coffee. The waitress was a little enthusiastic and odd, but we all got the desserts we wanted… The sticky date pudding was pretty good, but I am not sure that the sauce on top of it was heated up enough as mine was still a little gluggy. The banana crepes looked pretty good and the sauce was nice and caramel-y, Martin wasn’t happy that I wanted to eat all of his sauce though!

Paragon Café – Goulburn, NSW

I drove to Goulburn to meet Martin to go to see Jodi Martin play at the Goulburn Club, since we missed seeing her in Canberra while we were overseas. It ended up a little later than we expected, so we were in a bit of a hurry to eat some dinner, therefore we didn’t look very hard for something exciting to eat. We have eaten here before, so we knew they had a decent variety of veggie meals on the menu (although you have to look for them), and that their service is fairly quick. Since I had snacked prior to leaving home, I ordered the Greek salad – light and quick and easy. Martin opted for the mushroom crepe which came with a sort of white/bechemel sauce all over it, and we shared a garlic bread. The food here is ok. Nothing overly exciting, though… Next time we are in Goulburn, I think we might look for something a little more exciting… oh and by the way, Jodi Martin was great, as was her special guest Karl Broadie!


Well, in my last review of Gus’s I said that I would order the lentil burger again, and I did! It really is a great burger! It was a little easier to eat this time, although given that it always comes slathered in sweet chilli sauce, it does get a little sticky. My friend ordered the veggie nachos – another one of my favourites from here, however she picked out all the jalapeno chillis – which are in my opinion the best bits! I also ordered a fresh juice which was pineapple and passionfruit mixed with something fizzy – lemonade or soda water. It was quite delicious, but it took a long time to arrive – we had almost finished eating by the time it arrived.

Milk & Honey

A friend and I had originally planned to eat at Café Essen, However, it was raining and crowded and there was not a table to be seen, so we grabbed the first one we found in the near proximity and that happened to be at Milk & Honey! I didn’t really know what to eat, nothing on the menu really grabbed my attention in that “full-on, you know you want to eat me kind of way”! Every dish had something in it that I either didn’t like or didn’t feel like. I finally settled on the spinach fettuccine that came with spinach, tomatoes and white beans. I was kind of hoping that these would be the yellow “butter bean” variety, but they were of the kidney bean variety instead. It wasn’t a bad dish, a little bland and incredibly large – I didn’t finish it all. My friend had the calamari and I heard no complaints. I also had a banana smoothie, although, given it was a cold wet day, I soon regretted not ordering a hot chocolate instead. Oh well, that is what happens when you end up running a little late for a lunch date!


We were going to Tilley’s to see Diesel (again!), so we decided to get there early to get a good seat and have dinner… I am sure that last time we ate at Tilley’s when we saw a band that they had their normal menu as well as a few specials… This time the only food they had was what was on the specials board. Nonetheless, there was still a decent range of veggie options. We started with some mixed dips with bread that everyone shared and then I had the pasta – which was freshly made filled pasta of some sort, with pumpkin, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. It was delicious. Martin opted for the nachos – which were bigger than normal! A couple of our meat eating friends also opted for the pasta, while another chose the chicken. All in all, everyone was happy with the food. But we still managed to fit in some dessert! I find it really hard to go past Tilley’s cheesecake – it is just so delicious! So, that is what I had, while Martin had a chocolate friand, and our friends had some carrot cake and pecan pie. None of us found anything to complain about with dessert! So, as usual the food was great. Oh, and by the way, so was Diesel!