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Café Marco

We were shopping and we were hungry, this was a last minute decision and we only just got in before kitchen closed – but we didn’t realise that until we went to pay. There are not a lot of veggie options on the menu, so we both opted for the vegetarian breakfast – which came with mushrooms, spinach, hash browns, tomatoes, eggs and toast. It was pretty good. Martin had a fresh OJ and I had a caramel milkshake which was a little disappointing as it wasn’t as caramelly as I would have liked… Oh well, been there, done that!

Adz on Tankard – Hokitika, New Zealand

We looked at a couple of places for lunch before heading back to this one – let me just say this – there are not good options for vegetarians in Hokitika! Now I will probably get a stack of emails saying that there are – but we certainly couldn’t find them! I ordered the Wild Westcoast breakfast (despite the fact that it was lunch time!) without the bacon and sausage – which left hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and toast, the girl who served us was kind enough to ask if I would like extra of something, or if I would like her to make it cheaper – I opted for cheaper – I was amazed as that was the first time anyone had asked me that! Martin ordered the maple hotcake without bacon – his was just the same price! He was a little disappointed because it was smaller than he expected, so he tried to convince me to give him some of my hash browns – at first I decided not a chance (being a potato head and all that), but then I felt sorry for him and gave him some. The food was pretty good, but there were not a lot of vegetarian choices. It is not that I wouldn’t go back here in particular, just that I wouldn’t bother with Hokitika in general (well except for the amazing glass shop!).

Fantail Caf̩ РHaast, New Zealand

This was a tiny little place in a pretty small town, and we stopped here because it was the first place we saw and we weren’t sure there would be anything else. They didn’t have a lot of veggie options on the menu, and we were not very hungry anyway. We both had a cheese, tomato and pineapple toasted sandwich and a hot chocolate. To their credit, it was quick, well made and hot – just what we wanted on a cold rainy, day!

Olive Tree Caf̩ РTe Anau, New Zealand

This was pretty much the first place we saw after parking the car, and we were hungry so we decided to eat here! I had an omelette with onion, tomato and cheese, and without ham! I also had a side of hash browns – these were your normal run of the mill hash browns, which was a little disappointing after the last few times I ordered hash browns at other places! The omelette was pretty good and it all came with a couple of pieces of toast – one grainy and one white. Martin ordered scrambled eggs, muesli and we both had an orange juice. There were no complaints from him, but there was certainly nothing that made these meals stand out from any others that we had – in fact, they would probably have been some of the more average meals we ate. And lastly – the orange juice was horrible!

Blue Duck Caf̩ РMilford Sound, New Zealand

We went to Milford Sound to do a cruise to see all the sights. The lonely planet guide said there wasn’t much here, but I assumed there would be more than one single building that did food and information! It was a cafeteria type thing and they truly have a captive market – three hours drive from the nearest possibility of other food! All that considered, they did actually have a couple of veggie choices. You order your hot food by the plate size and a medium plate (NZ$14) gives you one main and two sides. We both chose the veg pasta – which was just penne with a basic tomato sauce, I chose roasted potatoes and coleslaw and Martin had chips and garden salad. All in all, it wasn’t too bad.

Black Dog Caf̩ and Bar РDunedin, New Zealand

This was a late-ish lunch after a late-ish breakfast and way before a very late dinner! We weren’t overly hungry, but we knew we had to eat something as we were doing a tour that started mid-afternoon and wouldn’t finish until late. We were both looking at the same things on the menu, so we decided to get both and share them. We ordered the soufflé omelette with tomato, onion, capsicum and cheese and the coconut pancakes with kiwi fruit, banana and caramel sauce. Both dishes were delicious. The omelette was absolutely huge, there was no way I could have eaten it all myself, so I was glad Martin was having half! The pancakes were also quite big with lots of fresh kiwi fruit and banana (although I am not a huge fan of bananas, it had been quite difficult to get them here for a while due to the cyclone in Queensland – and when you can get them, they are expensive and taste horrible, so we ate a lot of bananas in New Zealand!). There was quite an interesting range of food on the menu, which, of course, I can’t remember now, and I would certainly check it out again!

Bean Scene – Dunedin, New Zealand

Martin had breakfast once or twice here when he was in town for a conference, so we thought we would check it out. There weren’t a whole lot of veggie options on the menu – but there were things that could be adapted. I ended up ordering the potato cakes and poached eggs with tomato instead of sausage as well as a chai latte. Martin had a bagel, muesli and a banana smoothie. The potato cakes were pretty good, not as good as the ones I had the day before, but certainly good, the poached eggs were cooked well and the whole things was pretty good. Martin said his bagel was average – not much you can do with a toasted bagel! But the muesli was fantastic – it came with lots of fresh fruit on top and heaps of different grains and nuts etc as well as yoghurt and milk. His smoothie was pretty good, but the chai latte was terrible – it is one of the worst I have ever had. I don’t know what they did to it, but the spices had a really harsh, nasty flavour – maybe they managed to burn them with the hot water. I added some sugar and some of the milk that Martin had with his muesli and then it was passable, but certainly nowhere near good! Overall, the food was good – but avoid the chai lattes!

Whitestone Cheese Factory – Oamaru, New Zealand

We had read about this place in the Lonely Planet guide and in the Air New Zealand magazine, so we decided it would be an excellent place to stop for lunch on the drive from Christchurch to Dunedin. They do tours of the factory, but we didn’t have time to do that. We did pick up a pamphlet when we arrived and discovered that all of their cheeses are made with non-animal rennet which made us both very happy! Unfortunately there were not a lot of vegetarian options on the menu, so I ordered a chicken panini without the chicken. The lady who took our order looked a little surprised and I explained that I was vegetarian. When it arrived and I started eating it, I decided that they probably added a few extra things to it as it was quite different to what I expected – it had a relish instead of pesto and came with mushrooms which were not listed on the chicken one. It also had tomato, spinach and brie. It was quite delicious! Martin ordered a mushroom and camembert melt and because he was really hungry also ordered the crumbed feta salad – which was large chunks of smooth, creamy feta, crumbed and fried on top of a salad. This was one of the most delicious feta cheeses that I have ever eaten. We debated as to whether we could buy some cheese and take it in the car without any means of keeping it nice and cool for the rest of the trip, but we finally decided that we shouldn’t do that. It is definitely worth the stop and I would try and leave a little more time to have a look through the factory and taste some more of the cheeses!


The breakfast that we had here was pretty good, so we decided to try it for lunch when we were in Manuka for other reasons on this particular day. I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the variety of veggie food on the ‘lunch’ menu, so I opted for a breakfast dish – eggs florentine without the ham – I always thought the point of ‘florentine’ was that there was no meat – obviously I was wrong!! Anyway, it was ok. We also both had hot chocolates – they are very good here! Martin ordered the veggie risotto and thought it was ok too. I think I would go back for breakfast, but I wouldn’t bother for lunch!

Valentino’s Café

Well, I said in my last review that I would like to go back here and try the little donut-y things that this place does, since we were looking for dessert, we decided to check them out! I think they are called proffertjes and they a a bit like little fluffy pikelets, with a kind of lemony/sugary taste to them. They taste pretty good with caramel topping and ice cream, Martin thought they were good with maple syrup and ice cream. Either way, they were pretty good and they went quite well with hot chocolate too!