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Breizh Café

This café replaced 2602 at Ainslie shops a few months ago.  2602 never really had many veggie options so we thought we would try its replacement.

There isn’t a huge number of vegetarian options on the lunch menu but they’re happy to adapt.  Galettes make up the bulk of the lunch menu.  It turns out that galettes are savoury crepes made with gluten free buckwheat flour.  I decided on a goat’s cheese, roast tomato and rocket galette, while  Mel chose a potato, Raclette cheese, Black Forest ham and onion galette, without the ham.  She was immediately asked whether she would like to replace the ham with something else – this question seems rarely asked these days – so she added some spinach.  We also ordered hot chocolates and were offered the choice of a “spicy” version, and we both thought that was a good idea.

The hot chocolates appeared first and were quite lightly spiced but still nice.  A moment later the chef appeared, commenting that our hot chocolates looked pale and didn’t contain the right mix of spices.  He wondered if we would like 2 more so that we could taste what they were supposed to be like.  We were glad we agreed: with chilli and whatever else was added, these were some of the best hot chocolates we’ve had.

The crepes were very nice.  A nice light lunch with a nice mix of flavours.  The goats cheese was fresh and had a nice amount of goat…  🙂

I definitely need to go back and try some of the sweet crepes.  It is also impressive that the chef keeps a keen eye on quality…

Kiwi’s Café – Bungendore

Mel, Sebastian and I were out near Bungendore so we stopped in here for lunch for the second time in a few weeks. This place does good woodfired pizza starting at midday, with a few veggie options on the menu: vegetarian, Mediterranean, spicy vego and a pumpkin one. We has the first 2, with the fetta taken off the vegetarian and replaced with a few extra olives for Sebastian. The pizzas we chose ended up a bit too similar to each other but they were both good. We also had some chips, and Mel and Sebastian shared a milkshake. We probably ordered a bit too much food but it was was all eaten, so it couldn’t have been bad. 🙂

Kiwi’s is a nice little café with a nice vibe and friendly service. The food is good and very reasonably priced, though you probably wouldn’t drive all the way from Canberra just to go there. However, if you’re in the area it is well worth dropping in.


Mel and I had lunch at Tilley’s yesterday.  We shared a couple of the specials: a dhal and spinach curry, and a pasta (pumpkin, semi-dried tomatoes,  …). The curry was fantastically rich while still being fairly light.  I would definitely eat it again! The pasta was very nice but could have been improved in a couple of different ways. Mel thought that it could have used some crunch – perhaps some pine nuts – and I agreed. The dish could also have been smaller given that it was fairly oily, but then we didn’t actually have to eat it all.

2 very enjoyable dishes and more proof that Tilley’s is a good, reliable place to visit for a vegetarian meal.

Cafe Injoy

Date: 5 August 2010

We were having a coffee and a snack here before doing ‘kid stuff’, and I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised. They had a huge array of cakes which looked delicious. I didn’t have a good look at the entire menu, but what I did scan and what I heard about sounded good. I ordered a Devonshire tea and asked if they could do it with a hot chocolate instead of tea or coffee – and this was the first time in a very long time that I have received the answer ‘of course’ when asking if I can alter a meal listed on the menu. The Devonshire tea was $6.50 (no charge for the change in beverage) and no charge for a babycino! The scones were huge, and there were 2 of them. The serving of jam and cream was very generous. The hot chocolate was delicious. The food came quickly and the service was efficient, although the waitress seemed a little annoyed when we were trying to decide whether to move tables or add a table to where we were sitting. However, when they came to clear the plates away and we apologised for the mess, the waitress seemed to relax a bit and assured us it was not the worst she had seen. All in all – a pleasant surprise, and there is a play area for the kids, a fish pond, as well as ample high chairs and a little table as well!

Cafe Lerida

Date: 24 April 2010

This is a cafe at Lerida Estate Winery near Lake George. We stopped on impulse as we are often unable to stop at places like this when en route to/from Sydney, thanks to the dogs! However this time we were sans dogs and thought it would be nice to stop and eat and take a break from driving. Cafe Lerida has a beautiful view, however it was raining, so we were unable to sit outside and enjoy it. Inside the cafe, which is also the wine tasting area, has a warm buzzing atmosphere – and the food was really good as well! They have a smallish menu, however there were a few veggie options which were very clearly marked. Martin opted for the soup of the day – zucchini and chestnut, while I had the mushroom and leek quiche. The soup sounded like a slightly strange combination, and I think we were both a little wary of how it would taste – but it was divine! So divine, that one day soon I am going to find a recipe and make it! The mushroom and leek quiche was delicious and came with salad – but given the cold and dreary weather, I wanted to add the creamy mashed potato and tomato chilli jam that was listed on one of the other menu items – this was no problem. We also both ordered the recommended accompanying glass of wine from their range. For the soup this was a rose and the quiche it was a pinot gris. Both wines were lovely and matched the meals perfectly. Although the deserts looked delicious, we decided to taste some wine instead. And bought a few bottles, of course! If you are in the area, I would definitely recommend taking the time to stop!


Date: 24 October 2009

This is the cafe at the National Library. I have been here a few times for afternoon tea, but never had a meal here. So, when we were going to be here for another reason, around lunch time, we decided to try it out. They don’t have a hiuge variety of meals, but there was a decent choice. I had the spinach and feta fritata which came with salad. Martin opted for lemon souffle pancakes. The fritata was delicious and Martin said his pancakes were very good as well. We didn’t get the chance for dessert – a shame since everything I have had on previous visits for afternoon tea has been great! The only annoying thing is if it is full, it is very noisy and you can wait a while to order, however, the food arrived very quickly, so I guess that kind of cancels out the wait to order!


Date: 4 October 2009

Well, having said we don’t get to eat out much any more, it is kind of ironic that the first two reviews are from consecutive days!

Cream is a relatively new place in the centre of Canberra and we have checked out their menu a couple of times and decided not to go in as, at the time, the menu had a ‘v’ (which they said meant vegetarian) next to a number of meat dishes! Their menu seems to have been edited and it seems that ‘v’ now means able to be adapted to vegetarian rather than actually vegetarian! We have eaten here twice now – both times for brunch/lunch which basically means we ate breakfast! I have had the blini (done vegetarian of course!) with a chai latte, and the eggs benedict with spinach and a side of kipfler potatoes and mushrooms with a hot chocolate. Both meals were delicious. The blini wasn’t huge, but was fine for me. The eggs benedict was some of the better ones I have had – the eggs were poached beautifully, which for me means the white was not very runny at all! The hot chocolate was divine! It was made with actual melted chocolate in the bottom of lovely hot frothy milk – oh, heaven!! The downside to this place is that it is very, very noisy… Oh well, maybe in summer we can sit outside – but summer might mean it is too warm for a hot chocolate!

Milk & Honey

We were going to try a new cafe in Civic called Cream, but a quick perusal of the menu indicated that they have very little idea of what a vegetarian dish actually is. Their menu has little ‘v’s on it, indicating vegetarian meals – but they were listed next to lamb and seafood dishes! Anyway, we decided that was a little too dodgy for us! So we ended up here for lunch. It has been ages since we ate here, and despite it being lunch time, we both ended up ordering breakfast! I love restaurant breakfasts – I could eat them all the time (and then I would be really fat!!). I had the eggs benedict with spinach and a side of tomatoes and potatoes. Martin had scrambled eggs with a side of mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes. We also both had fresh juices, Martin had a hot stuff and I had a citrus splice. The food and drinks were great, however, it seemed to take forever for the food to arrive. While it is good, it is probably not my first choice of place to eat in Civic!

The Deck

A lovely friend of mine took me out for a belated birthday lunch. We decided this would be a great place where we could sit and chat overlooking the lake. Well, it would have been if it hadn’t rained the whole time we were there! Yes, I know, rain is a good thing! I ended up ordering a roasted veggie salad and some garlic bread, and I also shared some wedges. The salad was ok, the roasted veggies were mainly eggplant which was a bit too much for me. The garlic bread was average and the wedges were ok. So all in all, an average meal – certainly nothing spectacular!

Suga Cube

This feels like it was an eternity ago, but I can still remember it – just! This was lunch with a ‘new’ friend and we spent a lot of time chatting. We both ended up having the zucchini balls which were delicious and came with a yummy tzaziki sauce and lots of salad. There were quite a few veggie options on the menu, so I would like to go back again and try something else as well.