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Billie Chu – Adelaide Airport, SA

I needed something fairly quick to eat before boarding a flight at Adelaide airport. I’d been there for a few hours and wanted something different after a reasonable toasted veggie roll and an inedible raspberry friand at nearby Terra Rosa.

Billie Chu’s Char Kway Teow did the trick. I had to wait 10 minutes because they cook things on demand and there was a bit of a backlog. It was worth the wait. Nicely done noodles, veggies and egg – yes, they asked if egg was OK.

I think I’d go back there if I needed food at Adelaide Airport.

Tip Top Asian Gourmet

Date: 19 February 2010

We have eaten here a few times over the years, but for some reason there were a number of years where we didn’t – maybe we just forgot about it. It is a funny restaurant – hidden upstairs in Garema Place. If you don’t know it is there, you may very well walk past it… They have quite a variety of Asian cuisines on the menu and the veggie section is quite extensive. This time we had veggie curry puffs and veggie san choy bow for our entree. Both were quite good, although I think that we have had better curry puffs at other places. For our mains we had sizzling Mongolian tofu and stir fried veggies with lemon grass and fresh chilli – both of which we have had before. I love the sizzling tofu dishes and this one certainly does not disappoint! The veggies are fine, but the description always sounds better than they actually are – I’ll have to remember that for next time and try something else! All in all, a good Asian place with plenty of veggie options!

Sammy’s Kitchen

Sammy’s has recently moved into a bigger and better space, so we really wanted to eat here to see if they had changed at all. They have changed the decor, furniture and plates etc, but the food and the frenetic pace of the place is still the same – and good as always! We had our usual – veggie spring rolls, dry fried bean curd with chilli, peppers and cabbage, sizzling tofu with needle mushrooms and asked them to make a vegetarian chow mein. All were delicious as usual and an excellent precursor to a very funny Ross Noble show!!

Dickson Noodle House

Once again, this is one of those places that you always hear a lot of things about, some good, some bad. And this place seems to be a bit of an icon when people talk about Asian restaurants in Canberra! I was assured that there was plenty of veggie food, however a quick perusal of the menu at the dishes under vegetables showed that they all had oyster sauce in them! There were other vegetable noodle dishes, which was a bit of a relief! I shared with a friend and we had veggie tempura to start – it was quite nice, but very oily! We shared a couple of mains – Pad Thai and Cha Kway Teow (something that I simply can’t pronounce!!) – both vegetarian. Unfortunately the Cha Kway Teow came as the pork variant so I sent it back. To their credit, the new dish arrived fairly quickly. Both were quite delicious and the Cha Kway Teow was nice and spicy. Definitely a good Pad Thai – one of the better ones that I have had recently.


We were going to a wine tasting with some friends and we decided that we really should have some dinner before tasting lots of wines! We ended up here, kind of by accident since it was pretty close to where we parked. I have heard various things about this place, but have never really thought to try it before. I am glad we did! We ordered the veggie sang choy bau which was delicious and reminded me that I have a good recipe for this but haven’t made it for ages! For our mains we ordered ma po tofu and steamed veggies in sesame soy sauce. They were both delicious too. I was a little wary of the steamed veggies, as I thought they might be boring, but as it turns out, they were delicious in their simplicity and I almost preferred them to the tofu. The ma po tofu was good, but contained a fair amount of eggplant – not my most favourite thing in the world! I am constantly surprised at how soupy ma po tofu is – I always expect something quite dry and it never is! I guess I should stop being surprised! One of my friends ordered duck laksa which (apart from the duck) looked quite nice! Anyway, the food was good, there was a good veggie range and we would definitely go back and try some more of it!

Sammy’s Kitchen

As a bit of an incentive to do more exercise, Martin suggested we walk into town and have dinner – not such a bad idea, but it does, of course, mean that we have to walk home again with full bellies and it is almost winter, which means it is bloody freezing! However, we decided to go for it! We were going to try an Italian place, but Martin was keen to eat at Sammy’s and although I wasn’t really in the mood for all that noise, I decided it was probably early enough that it would be ok. I was right – when we arrived the restaurant was only half full but, when we left, there were people waiting outside for tables! We ordered the veggie spring rolls which came with a great spicy sort of plum type sauce, that I don’t think I have had here before. It was really nice! Our mains were our usual favourites, sizzling tofu with needles mushrooms and dry fried tofu with capsicum and cabbage. They were great as usual, although, I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t get the second one as the waiter didn’t write it down and was trying to recommend something else that he couldn’t find on the menu. He also looked extremely surprised that we wanted two tofu dishes! Anyway, we also had rice, tea and a couple of glasses if wine, and then we decided to head somewhere different for dessert!

Madam Woo

I have often looked at this place and wondered whether we should eat here, so this farewell lunch for colleague was a good opportunity. The others all had a banquet which was very meaty, so I decided to order a separate dish. I opted for the veggie spring rolls and the Pad Thai. The spring rolls were great and the Pad Thai was ok. It kind of tasted like it had tomato sauce in it though. The servings were huge – even the banquet dishes came in massive serves – I couldn’t finish my Pad Thai and there was certainly a lot left over from the banquet eaters. There were a few options in the veggie section of the menu, so I might go back and check it out another time. I don’t think I would bother with the Pad Thai again though!

Sammy’s Kitchen

This was an incredibly late dinner after seeing Wil Anderson’s work in progress show – which was only supposed to go for an hour, but actually went for almost two and a half hours! Not that this was really a problem – it just meant that we were starving, since we had decided to eat after the show! Anyway, we had our usual veggie spring rolls, sizzling fried bean curd with Chinese broccoli and needle mushrooms and stir fried green pepper with dry bean curd and chilli bean sauce, as well as a vegetarian chow mein with soft noodles (one of my favourite meals). The food was great – they do a really good veggie chow mein – I wish it was actually on their menu!

Sammy’s Kitchen

After an incredibly long day, I had good intentions of cooking, but when Martin suggested take away, I figured ‘why not?’!! We got our usual veggie spring rolls, sizzling fried bean curd with Chinese broccoli and needle mushrooms and stir fried green pepper with dry bean curd and chilli bean sauce, and also asked if they could do a vegetarian chow mein with soft noodles (one of my favourite meals) – which they could. The food was great – the stir fried green pepper and dry bean curd was incredibly hot and spicy this time – even for me (in fact I am surprised that Martin ate it!!)! The chow mein was great, and the left overs were great the next day for lunch! Definitely one of my favourite Asian places!

Sammy’s Kitchen

I love Sammy’s – it is great Asian food really, really fast! Once when we ate here we ordered spring rolls and they were on the table within about 3 minutes – I kid you not! There are a few favourite dishes that we tend to order here all the time which are – sizzling fried bean curd with Chinese broccoli and needle mushrooms and stir fried green pepper with dry bean curd and chilli bean sauce. I love both of these dishes, although I admit that I don’t usually eat the ‘freaky’ mushrooms! We have also previously had the mixed Chinese veggies with fried bean curd but found that a little bland. A word of warning, though, if you are vegetarian and eating here – only order things from the vegetarian section of the menu – we once discovered that the vegetable curry is not actually just a vegetable curry – it came with chicken in it! Well worth checking out though – the vegetarian dishes are great!