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The Red Sea

This was the second time we have eaten at this restaurant and both times it was great! This time we took my parents there (who are not vegetarian) and they also thought it was great – they ordered a mixture of meat and vegetarian dishes, while we ordered purely vegetarian of course! Both times we ate here, there was also a large group, but this didn’t affect the service. However, this is about food, not service! From a vegetarian perspective the menu is pretty good – there are 4 or 5 entrées and 8 or so mains. Often the same dish is available as a main and an entrée, so it pays to look a bit carefully when deciding what to eat. We had the Shahanaful and the veggie samosa as the entrée. Mains were whole lentils and vegetable something as well as an extra entrée. The Shahanaful is fantastic and was the highlight of the meal – even the meat eaters thought so!