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Matryoshka doll penguins



Another penguin that needs two pictures! These are Matryoshka doll penguins – although traditionally there are five in a set, this one only has four. They came from the Community Aid Abroad shop, and I thought that they were pretty unique, but a quick google search for ‘Matryoshka doll penguin’ reveals a surprising number of legitimate hits! Oh well, they are still some of my favourites in the collection!

Hokitika penguins


This assortment of penguins came from the Hokitika Glass Studio in New Zealand. We had been told about this place prior to going, so had made it a priority to visit! Obviously we couldn’t decide which penguins to get, so we got more than one. They did have a penguin chess set (I can’t see it on their website) – but it was too expensive and it would have been too hard to get home safely! Sadly we didn’t get to see any penguins (or anything else) being made as we arrived too late in the day. Definitely worth a visit if you are near there – their glassware is stunning.

Jade penguin


This little guy is jade and comes from New Zealand. We bought it from a jewellers in Te Anau. We deliberated over this purchase quite a bit. There were two different sizes (this one and a larger one) and they were not cheap! But a collection is a collection and as you will realise – we are dedicated to ours!