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Tiny penguins


We got these little penguins in a toy shop in Santa Monica. We’d had dinner with a friend and checked out the pier and were browsing the nearby shops… They are tiny – about 1cm tall – I think they are the smallest ones in the collection…

Portland Tux


This is a version of Tux, the Linux mascot. It came from a market stall in Portland, Oregon. The story is that the woman who runs the stall had some other penguins that weren’t quite this cute, so GCC hacker (and renowned juggler) Janis Johnson, told her that she could use use the Tux design free of charge. So she did! And we bought one!

Penguin light pulls


These are some of my favourites of the collection. They were a gift from the lovely Lucy, and I think she got them in Texas. They are little things that hang off lights that you pull to turn the light on and off. I’m a little bit sad that we don’t have any lights that they could attach to!