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Penguin mints


An unopened tin of caffeinated penguin brand peppermints… I am pretty sure that these were either a gift from a visitor from the US… Funnily enough when I heard an initial conversation about penguin mints, I didn’t realise what they were and thought it was penguin mince…

Millefiori penguin


I saw this penguin in the window of a jewellers while out shopping one day. I couldn’t resist and bought it for Martin for Xmas. I think it is Venetian Murano Millefiori (meaning a thousand flowers) glass – or it is supposed to be! Sadly it is a bit unstable and falls easily!

Penguin candle


This is a fat little penguin candle from Hawaii – although it is looking a little worse for wear due to the Aussie heat! It was the first penguin we saw in Hawaii, and we were somewhat stunned to find a penguin candle in Hawaii!!

Absolute original penguin


This little penguin is an absolute original, and was made for us at our request by a glassblower in a market in Hawaii. We were on our way to dinner and saw a guy with a glass blowing stall and looked for a penguin amongst the collection of animals he had for sale. He didn’t have one and when we asked if he could make one for us, he accepted our challenge! We even got to pick the colours we wanted. It was very cool to see the birth of this penguin…

More pics of the creation here.