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Ritzenhoff penguins


These are Ritzenhoff shot/schnaps glasses, designed by Iti Janz. They were a Xmas present for Martin – I saw them and couldn’t resist – although purchasing them was a bit of a saga as I really wanted two but they could only find one box and would absolutely not put one of them into another box… In the end they got another correct box from another store I think!

Thai penguin


We got this penguin in Thailand at a floating market. It is carved into some sort of animal horn. It’s not a very cute penguin, physically of philosophically, but I guess it is original…

The first one


This was the penguin that started it all. It was the centrepiece (& inspiration for) of a box full of penguins given to Martin for his birthday. The reason for a box full of penguins – he was working for a Linux company and the Linux logo is Tux, a penguin. Since then the collection has just gotten bigger, and here we are – doing a penguin a day!