Potential drug carrying penguin!



Yes, this penguin required two photos, and yes there is a story!

We got this penguin in Tijuana, Mexico. We did a brief “day” trip across the border from San Diego. We didn’t stay long, we had lunch, checked out a few shops and then headed back. Anyway, we saw this penguin in a locked cabinet in one of the shops we looked in. We found a sales person and said we wanted it. They got it out and wrapped it up nice and carefully with bubble wrap – so we didn’t even touch it before we bought it – so we didn’t know it opened and had a fish inside! We didn’t unwrap it when we got back to the hotel and when we were repacking our bags to come home, we decided to leave it wrapped as it was wrapped so carefully, we were worried that if we undid it all, it would be much less protected.

When we got home and got around to unpacking all the penguins, we unwrapped this little guy. As we were unwrapping him, we could hear a strange noise. Once unwrapped, he still made the same noise and we figured out there was something inside him. We then figured out that he opened at the middle and looked inside and saw a neatly wrapped little package! It could have been anything! We unwrapped it and to our relief there was this little fish – not the drugs that the parcel looked like it could have been!

I guess this is one of the stranger penguins in the collection, with one of the more interesting stories!