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Tip Top Asian Gourmet

Date: 19 February 2010

We have eaten here a few times over the years, but for some reason there were a number of years where we didn’t – maybe we just forgot about it. It is a funny restaurant – hidden upstairs in Garema Place. If you don’t know it is there, you may very well walk past it… They have quite a variety of Asian cuisines on the menu and the veggie section is quite extensive. This time we had veggie curry puffs and veggie san choy bow for our entree. Both were quite good, although I think that we have had better curry puffs at other places. For our mains we had sizzling Mongolian tofu and stir fried veggies with lemon grass and fresh chilli – both of which we have had before. I love the sizzling tofu dishes and this one certainly does not disappoint! The veggies are fine, but the description always sounds better than they actually are – I’ll have to remember that for next time and try something else! All in all, a good Asian place with plenty of veggie options!

Turkish Halal Pide House

Date: 2 February 2010

We discovered this place when having to spend a lot of time at John James Hospital. They do really good pides, amazing felafel rolls and the best baklava I have ever had (and I don’t really like baklava!). They also do really good borek, zucchini balls, mixed veggies and dips. We have eaten here and had take away a number of times and eaten a variety of things and the only thing I can complain about is the fact that they accidentally gave us a meat pide instead of the veggie one we ordered one time that we got take away. However, they sorted that out for us no problems! I think this is definitely some of the best Turkish food in Canberra at the moment!

Hang A Ri Kimchi

Date: 26 December 2009

We decided to go out for lunch for our anniversary instead of dinner, and there wasn’t a whole lot of choice – especially since we decided not to do battle with the crowds in Civic!

We decided that we would try this Korean place in Dickson. We have had Korean food once before and it was very good, so we had reasonably high expectations. They were very helpful in getting a high chair for us, but quite slow on getting our water, however the food arrived reasonably quickly. We ordered steamed dumplings for our entree, and Dolsot-bibimbab and a vegetable pancake for our mains. A number of side dishes and sauces were also placed on our table, although no-one explained what they actually were… we were just told that they were side dishes… The dumplings were ok – Martin liked them more than I did! The dolsot-bibimbab is an interesting dish – it is rice, vegetables etc with an egg on top and comes in a hot stone pot – you stir it up and add hot chilli sauce and eat away. Everything continues to cook and the rice gets that lovely crunchy crust to it. However, I have to say they highlight of the meal was the vegetable pancake – it looked like a small pizza and it was utterly delicious!

Overall, not bad, but I think the place in Dunedin was better!


Date: 16 November 2009

I think this is a relatively new Indian restaurant in Manuka – certainly one that we haven’t discovered before! I was a bit nervous when we walked in as there was no-one else eating there – but it was lunchtime on a Monday… The menu is pretty varied and has a good vegetarian selection, as you would expect from an Indian restaurant. We decided to have the Kushi veg platter for two which had samosa, tandoori mushrooms and paneer tikka. It was all very yummy and came with a corriander chutney type sauce as well as a very nice spicy tomato-ey type chutney. Instead of getting the usual mains, we opted for dosai – rice and lentil crepes stuffed with different fillings. I had the masala dosai (spicy potato) and Martin had the onion masala dosai (spicy potato and onion). They were great – the dosai were light and crispy and the stuffing was spicy and delicious. They were just what we felt like! I think we might head back just for the dosai! The only thing that annoyed me a bit about this place was the overwhelming incense and the fact that the owner (?) spent a lot of time making phone calls using the speaker phone which echoed the dial tone and keypad noises around the restaurant! But the food was good!