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Pewter penguin brooch

This is a little pewter penguin brooch. I have no idea where it came from… (probably the first of many!)

A quick update – this is a very special item given to us by some very special friends! Well, actually, they found it while they were having a clean up and offered it to us in lieu of throwing it out! 🙂

Commemorative penguin


This penguin is a replica (numbered “1”) of the statues handed out at the 2002 Australian Open Source Awards. It was made by Patryk Zadarnowski of Silicon Breeze (AKA Linux Jewellery). It was supposed to be auctioned as part of a fundraiser at the AUUG 2002 conference dinner, but the auction was forgotten. As a speaker at the conference that year, Martin received a voucher to be redeemed in exchange for an item from the Linux Jewellery stall at the conference. When Martin noticed that this statue was still on display he asked about paying some extra money, in addition to his voucher, in exchange for it. Patryk agreed… and here is the statue!

Written by special guest penguin person, Martin