About Veggie Bites

Veggie Bites contains reviews of restaurants from a vegetarian perspective. We used to frequent a small selection of restaurants for fear of not being able to eat! In the past we had some not so excellent “vegetarian surprises” when vegetarian diners were unexpected and there was nothing vegetarian listed on the menu. When Mel started Veggie Bites back in 2004, we wanted to eat at different places but the reviews were generally unhelpful: “there were a variety of vegetarian meals on the menu” (translation: perhaps 1 entrée and 1 main, and possibly a salad) or “my companion had the vegetable quiche which they said was excellent” (yay, more quiche). So Mel started writing reviews of places we ate at. The site became quite popular and a few conferences pointed their vegetarian delegates at it to help them out. Life is much easier these days for vegetarians. These days it is surprising not to find veggie options on a menu.

Though we still eat out, Mel got busy with other things and hasn’t been motivated to add reviews, so Martin will see how he goes at reviewing the places we eat at.

Of course, these are only our opinions. Nothing to do with our employers or anyone else we know. The reviews are also independent. Over the years we’ve received a few strongly worded emails demanding that we “correct” some of the negative reviews. We’re not sure if they were restaurant owners, chefs or fans… but we ignored them. 🙂

Note that all restaurants are in Canberra, Australia unless otherwise noted.

Veggie Bites is © 2004-2014 Melynda McDonald and Martin Schwenke.